Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trap for young players

Many years ago I had a chemistry teacher who would tut tut disdainfully if you happened to get your valences wrong, and declare to the class at large "Trap for young players. Trap for young players!" before zoning in on one of the class nerds who invariably knew the correct answer whilst you hung your head in shame, red blushes burning your cheeks.

I was reminded quite forcefully of his sentiment yesterday when I went to insert the lining on my Liberty dress only to discover that I had sewn the lining inside out. Bugger! Trap for young players indeed.


  1. valences! I'd forgotten all about that! On second thoughts though, I don't think our Chem teacher taught us anything so useful...

    must get out that old chem book - it scares me how much I've forgotten

  2. ooops....Is it salvageable?

  3. Jenny - I know, I know. I even had to Google to see how valences was spelt!

    Jodie: Totally salvagable. Just meant a heck of a lot of unpicking. D'oh!


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