Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Asymmetrical blue dress

Dear Your Royal Majesty the Queen,

I would like to respectfully ask Your Highness for some sort of royal recognition for services to sewing (and thus, of course, therefore to your empire. A well dressed empire is a happy empire, I always say). Now, I know that I haven't won any major awards for costume design, or even had a fashion label that your royal professional stylists may have chosen a frock from. But I do make some pretty nice things, and have been quite an active member of the sewing community over the years. You can't put a price on community involvement!

But I suppose I should be honest. The real reason I'd like one of those fancy star medals you pin on people every now and then is that I have just made the perfect dress for such an occasion! Trust me - it's too fancy for doing the supermarket run, and also a bit much for going out to dinner in. Kneeling humbly before yours truly before bouncing up again with an OBE pinned to my breast is pretty much the only occasion worthy of this frock!

Yours in dedicated anticipation,

PS I think Dame Jorth has quite the ring to it, n'est-ce pa?

Blue Dress #1

Blue Dress #3

Blue Dress #2

Blue Dress #5

Blue Dress #4

Project Details
Pattern - Vogue 9149, view C
Fabric - 2.9m of 150cm cotton/lurex blend from The Fabric Store
Notions - 55cm invisible zipper, lining for the bodice

I am so pleased with how this dress turned out! I have a feeling that I used the wrong side of the fabric, but I did this on purpose as I just loved the textured look it gave the dress. I was slightly worried the addition of metallic lurex would make the fabric scratchy, but it is a joy to wear with no itchiness in sight.

This dress does take a lot of fabric, and you need to keep your wits about you when cutting out the skirt, so if you make this yourself pay close attention to the skirt cutting lines! Otherwise you might end up with mis-matched asymmetrical sides. That would be a disaster!

The only real quibble I have with this pattern is the amount of ease in the sleeves. The schematic illustration makes it look like the sleeves are rather fitted, but they are HUGE! I ended up removing 6cm of fullness from each sleeve. You need to be careful in a long dress like this - if the sleeves aren't fitted nicely then they can often make it look like you are packing a pair of tuck shop lady arms in there. Not generally the look I go for!

Other than the sleeve issue, I am very happy with this dress. Hey Lizzie - don't forget my invite to Buckingham Palace!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Chunky Cable Cowl - now available from both Ravelry and Etsy

Boy oh boy, did I have a busy weekend. Pics were taken, modelling was gamely attempted, knitting was arranged just so around my neck, patterns were pdf'd and an Etsy store set up. Woo hoo! I am beginning to feel that my life as a knitting pattern designer has truly begun!

Some of you may have seen this before, but I would like to reintroduce my Chunky Cable Cowl. Designed especially for beginner knitters who would like to try cables, this is a super easy (not to mention snuggly) knit that is perfect for winter!

Chunky Cowl Red #3

Designed for super bulky yarn, it's also a rather quick knit. My aunty LOVES this pattern, and has made one up for all her friends! It looks great over a dress or tee, or layered with your favourite coat.

Chunky Cowl Red #1

Chunky Cowl Red #4

To knit this pattern, you will need the following:
 - 160m/174 yards of super bulky yarn, with a gauge of 9 stitches and 12 rows to 10 cm over stocking stitch. I used 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Roma.
 - 10mm/US 15 needles
 - large cable needle
 - large darning needle

Fancy making one yourself? They are available from the following places:
Ravelry Store: Jorth Knits
Etsy Store: Jorth Knits

Drop me a line via either email or on Ravelry if you make one - I can't wait to see everybody's beautiful versions out there!