Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Meet the Fabric Stash

Hi! Come on in, sit down, help yourself to tea, and have a look at my fabric stash (and what could possibly be the dullest photo to ever feature on this blog):

Stash #1

Hmm. I've seen worse, but I've also seen far better. As part of our Year Of Green Frugality, I have put myself on a fabric buying ban. A while ago I had a big fabric sort out, donated what I knew I wouldn't use to Handmaker's Factory, and only kept the fabric that had been assigned a pattern. So now the goal is to only sew from the stash this year - I'll be using what I have, saving money and finally be able to see what an empty shelf in the sewing buffet looks like!

The majority of the fabric in the buffet is for projects for me. Tyger, however, does need quite a few new things made for this year. Seriously, the kid is growing like we douse her porridge with fertiliser each morning! So once I have used up the small pile of stash that is assigned to her, I shall allow fabric purchases made with only her projects in mind. Plus she might kill me if she misses out on any sewing action. Hee, hee!

I was worried, when I first came up with this idea, that I would feel restricted by the lack of new materials, but having sorted through the stash properly I've realised that every piece of fabric is in there because I love it. In a way it was quite lovely to do - seeing some of the fabrics again was like meeting old friends once more. I'm glad I did the de-stash when nobody was home, though, because I'm pretty sure I was babbling to myself, exclaiming at far-too-regular intervals witticisms like "Hey you! Looking good! Let me sew you up and we can look good together, baby!"

Speaking of looking good, how's this for a cute first cab off the rank project in the year of great money saving?  Fingers crossed Melbourne actually gets some summer sunshine this year, so me and this fine looking frock can do that look-good-together thing!

Stash #2