Thursday, April 01, 2021

Pink and Red Gingham Dress

 Toot toot! Look who has finally boarded the gingham dress train! 😀

And seriously, how could I resist? Pink and red, in different sized checks? I'M BUYING A TICKET!

The fabric for this dress was pretty awesome - it comes in panels of large checks then small checks. I took advantage of this to make the bodice in the smaller checks and the skirt in the larger ones, to create a vivid graphic effect, and am very pleased with how it turned out. It is a cotton sateen by Nerida Hansen, and was lovely to work with. 

I used Vogue 8184 for the bodice, and Simplicity 1876 for the skirt. I am a big fan of this skirt - not only do the gathers on the sides of the waist add interest to a plain pencil skirt, but they also allow room for you to eat all the burritos! What is not to like, eh?

The only downside to this dress was trying to match the checks. Some are pretty good, others... not so much. However, you can't win them all and I'm pretty happy with my check matching success rate here.

All in all, I am very pleased with my contribution to the Gingham Fashion Canon. Traditional gingham, with it's white base, does nothing but wash me out, so this pink and red version is perfect for a pasty specimen such as myself!

Project Details

Patterns: Bodice - Vogue 8184,
Skirt - Simplicity 1876

Fabric: Nerida Hansen pink and red cotton sateen gingham check

Notions: 35cm invisible zip