Monday, February 26, 2007

Catch up

Finally, I am back in the blogging world, after a week of being internet deprived! No thanks to our internet provider who kept insisting something was wrong at our end even though Galumph the ubercomputer geek had checked everything over with a fine tooth comb, and declared it to be their end, which of course it was. I didn't realise how heavily internet dependant I was until it was gone, gone, gone!

Anyhoo, the above are the clutches I made for the Blogettogether. It was a blast - so many lovely people, it was great to meet all the crafting peeps! And gifts were AWESOME! Thanks to everybody who went and/or organised it. I had a ball!
Rightio, enough prattling on - I've got Oscar gowns to perv at! So far Cate looks the best.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Today I am sore

I think the first sentence of this article says it all: Strong winds gusting up to 100 km per hour have lashed Melbourne... And the Galumph made me ride in it! 40 km! Look at his shirt for peeps' sake: that's major billowing action! At one stage we'd stopped for a rest, and decided to wait for some people to ride by before we got back on our bikes. After standing there for three minutes, waiting for them to ever so slowly peddle on by, I remarked to Galumph "Geez, how slow are they going!" "Oh!", he replied, "that's about how slow we are today." Right. Ahem.

So today I'm walking around like a bandy legged cowboy. With a pretty bad case of saddle bum, to boot. And I'm suspecting that the bit of colour in my face, as my Dad always so eloquently calls sunburn, isn't from the sun at all. It's WINDBURN.

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 09, 2007

I hate vomit

Especially pumpkin-based vomit. Man, that stuff really stains! Poor old Grumbles. Hopefully this will teach her not to strain so hard when she poos that she chunders at the same time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sneak peek

Here's the trial version of the clutch purse that I'm making for the Melbourne crafty bloggers get together thingy. Trial's the right word for it, too. I've learnt the hard way that putting the hot iron onto the polyester blend ribbon means SIZZLE! See the smudge? Sigh. I've artfully hidden the melted hole in the ribbon for the photo, but that smudge just ain't moving. Thank goodness I did a prototype for me, and didn't wreck any destined as gifts. Now that would have been embarassing.

I'm getting a bit nervous about this crafty meetup. What if nobody likes my clutches? What if nobody likes me? I bet I knock something over, or spill a drink on somebody's gorgeous outfit, or fart at an inopportune moment or do something ridiculous, thus inviting the ridicule of the blogging world forever. Oh well. If worst comes to worst and I do trip, spill, make smells and do some godawful braying laugh, then I can always go home to a bottle of wine and Bridget Jones on DVD and reflect that, unlike the first day of school where you come home in tears and know that you still have four more years of this horror ahead of you, I never have to go back again.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Wedded bliss

The Galumph and I went to a fantastic wedding on Saturday. There we are, sunning ourselves in the Botanic Gardens afterwards, prior to nipping over for a few drinks at The Botanical. Talk about swish! I nearly keeled over at the cocktail prices. Lemon squashes all around for us budget-minded folks, I'm afraid, but the ambience was cooooooool.
After ducking home for a bit to see how the Motherinlawship was coping with Grumbles, we hit the reception. Tell you what, when a Vietnamese fellow marries an Italian girl, you can bet your bottom dollar that the food is going to be mighty fine. I'm surprised I managed to hit the dance floor after pigging out on the nine courses, but waddle on over I did. And then, after getting home just before the stroke of midnight, we had chocolate croissants for breakfast. I felt like a gourmet version of the Cookie Monster. Shovel, shovel, shovel. Burp.
Ahhhh! A most excellent weekend.