Monday, February 05, 2007

Wedded bliss

The Galumph and I went to a fantastic wedding on Saturday. There we are, sunning ourselves in the Botanic Gardens afterwards, prior to nipping over for a few drinks at The Botanical. Talk about swish! I nearly keeled over at the cocktail prices. Lemon squashes all around for us budget-minded folks, I'm afraid, but the ambience was cooooooool.
After ducking home for a bit to see how the Motherinlawship was coping with Grumbles, we hit the reception. Tell you what, when a Vietnamese fellow marries an Italian girl, you can bet your bottom dollar that the food is going to be mighty fine. I'm surprised I managed to hit the dance floor after pigging out on the nine courses, but waddle on over I did. And then, after getting home just before the stroke of midnight, we had chocolate croissants for breakfast. I felt like a gourmet version of the Cookie Monster. Shovel, shovel, shovel. Burp.
Ahhhh! A most excellent weekend.


  1. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Did a school boy jump into the galumphs body and take over or did you marry a babyface????? Nine courses - yyyuuuuummmmmm

  2. He's got a bad, bad case of the babyface. I hate walking around with him when he's not wearing his glasses - it looks like I've abducted a Year 10er!

  3. Oh - that sounds just awesome, and you two look divine !

    LOL at the Babyface.
    Are you both old enough to have a toddler my son's age .. hmmmm ? ;)

  4. It all sounds so smashing - and you're making me long for summer.

    You both look so happy. It's a lovely photo.

  5. Oh this is soooo weird. I went to a wedding the very same weekend, and spent half the reception staring at a girl with dark hair long on one side, short on the other, thinking "is that Jorth?"

    I eventually asked the bride the girl's name and of course it wasn't you (this wedding was at the zoo) but then I come here and find you WERE at a wedding the very same night.




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