Thursday, March 30, 2006


You want knitting? I got you some knitting!

Ruffles is finally finished! Big thanks to Doggie for modelling - doesn't he look dashing? (Well, it was either that or put my ugly mug on the blog again, and I thought twice in the space of a week was probably too much for you all to bear)

So, a question for the big wide internet: Is anybody interested in the pattern? Let me know, and I'll post the instructions for it.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Happily tucked into bed last night, just about to drop off to sleep when all of a sudden: bang bang bang bang bang wheeeeeeeee bang bang bang! "Fireworks", mumbled Galumph sleepily. Suddenly the Sandman disappeared, and having carefully wiped the drool off my face I was out on the street in my jim jams (along with half the neighbourhood), enjoying the light show that was the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was amazing! There were fireworks being shot off the top of all the buildings - how cool is that? It almost looked like the entire city was exploding, albeit in a rather pretty manner. But the best bit was watching all the neighbours we rarely see, venturing out to enjoy the show, and seeing their faces light up as the fireworks exploded. Oh, and see what sort of pyjamas the rest of the street wears, bahahahah!


Thanks for all your kind comments about Grumble's new top. It made our weekend!

Friday, March 24, 2006


The scene: Our measley backyard.

The event: Spotty top with sleeve ruffles photoshoot

Participants: Grumbles (model), Jorth (wielding camera with a complete lack of composure and panache)

Dialogue (at this point, all pretty much by Jorth, with lots of headshakes and frowns from Grumbles): Okay, Grumbles, let's do some smiles for the camera. One, two, three - cheese! No cheese? C'mon - let's do some smiles - ok, now! Not now? Cheese? No cheese?

(Continues in this vein for an exasperating 10 minutes. There is some out loud wondering if Helmut Newton ever had this problem.)

Jorth slips to the ground, exhausted and out of ideas. Grumbles, spotting an opportunity for her latest passion, runs over for the piggy back. Much comedy ensures, with Jorth trying to get a photo whilst piggybacking a very wiggly child and ignoring the blood rushing to her head (due to the piggyback resembling the sort done by, oh, Quasimodo)


You can't really tell from the photo, but my torso is actually at a 30 degree angle to my legs there. Huzzah! All that yoga really paid off!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cat in a hot backyard

Yes, it's all about the cats at the moment, which is somewhat odd, as I'm not really a cat kind of gal. This little number was kindly bought for Grumbles by her Poppa when he came up to see his new granddaughter - ahhh! I particularly like his crop top - quite the look for bright orange cats these days, or so I am told.

Actually, that reminds me - on our walk down the street we often pass a gorgeously handsome aristocratic sort of cat. Grumbles loves him, and we often find ourselves parked in front of him for a good 10 minutes while Grumbles dissolves into giggles every time he miaows. Yesterday I popped into the library, and saw a notice declaring him missing. How sad! Now I can't walk past his house without doing a big scan to see if he's come back, which I probably should stop doing in case the owners think I'm casing the joint for cats to steal. Gulp.

Not a great deal of excitement going around here. I've been cutting out heaps of tops for Grumbles, and started sewing some of them, but I didn't feel the activity worthy of a blog pic. I've also been figuring out her winter wardrobe, which will consist of the above tops, some overalls, jeans, cords, jackets, fluffy cardigans, jumpers and a really, really cute coat! Busy - oh, just a little! However, I'm determined to make as much as I can, with the exception of shoes, socks and spencers. And since she's still sleeping, I'd best get back to the machine. Whirrrrrr!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Mail Day!

Today was a good, good, good day for mail! Check out what the lovely, supremely talented Aunty Cookie sent me:

Look at this marvellous art work! I'm in love! I especially love their shoes - I think I need to get myself some pairs like those. But best of all is the cat - what a ham!

I think I'll get them framed, and hang them in Grumbles room (she hasn't seen them yet, but I can guarantee that when she does she'll point to the cat and say 'Miaow!"). And they were so beautifully wrapped (thanks, Shannon!) but of course I was too eager to rip them open to bother taking a photo. Ahem.

And in other breaking news, my sister had a baby girl on St Patrick's Day - hooray! Dad, Grumbles and I are heading in to see the wee little leprechaun this afternoon - I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Long weekend

Small pleasures from this weekend included:

- Grumbles saying 'hat' and 'flower' for the very first time

- The baking of some stupendously good chocolate cup cakes (with 300g melted chocolate in them, they had to be good!) topped with orange juice icing

- Swimming with our dear friend K, and enjoying a coffee at a cafe afterwards

- Riding around Melbourne in the sunshine on a Rail Trail, with pho in Victoria St for lunch

- Spending more of that lovely sunshiney day at an East Melbourne park, where Grumbles indulged her love of the swings (see pic)

- The purchasing of quinces - the season has begun!

Not so good thing:

- Turning up at a bbq held at our French teacher's house the day after it happened, happily scoffing some cake and tea, and then waltzing out the door without realising anything was even remotely amiss (although I did think it slightly odd that a student we vaguely know turned up for a lesson during our time there). D'oh!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pat on the back

Happy International Women's Day to all the wonderful, inspiring women out there.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I was thinking that I might make Grumbles a bunny toy for Easter. So, this morning I sat down and did some design plans. Unfortunately, what I was hoping would turn out cute merely turned out to be freaky. Why is it that what is in my head never translates correctly to paper?

As a child, I (and my little sister) would give all of our toys voices and characters. The above bunny's voices I can already hear far too clearly...

"Haaaaapppppeeee Eeeeeeaster, o little one.... snicker, snicker". This, of course, would be immediately followed by the sound of poor Grumbles running for the hills.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Concerned about child labour? Make your own clothes!

Interviewer: Jorth, do you have anything new to show us today?

Jorth: Why, yes I do! Taaaa-da! It's Grumbles in her groovy new blouse (or, as I fear it shall be known around here, the art smock).

I: Art smock indeed - it's more the drinking vessel that I'm worried about. Have you engaged your young daughter in an act of product placement?

J: Never! I swear - it's all a horrible coincidence. I'm a treehugger, for goodness' sake! We don't do product placement. She was thirsty, that's all. Look where she's holding the bottle - right under the tap - doesn't that tell you something?

I: All it seems to tell me is that you don't give your daughter enough fluids. But, since you appear to be a kind, sewing-all-your-kids-clothes sort of mother, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there. Do you have any other sewing plans for Grumbles in the near future? Is she going through winter wearing nothing but 'Clothes by Mum'?

J: Ahem. [mutters something about not answering of grounds of incrimination, and beating the system burble burble burble]

Project specs

Pattern: #15 from the Spring 1/2005 Ottobre Design magazine
Fabric: Playground by the Alexander Henry Fabrics collection

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A boy on a swing

Can anybody guess what it's going to be?