Thursday, March 02, 2006

Concerned about child labour? Make your own clothes!

Interviewer: Jorth, do you have anything new to show us today?

Jorth: Why, yes I do! Taaaa-da! It's Grumbles in her groovy new blouse (or, as I fear it shall be known around here, the art smock).

I: Art smock indeed - it's more the drinking vessel that I'm worried about. Have you engaged your young daughter in an act of product placement?

J: Never! I swear - it's all a horrible coincidence. I'm a treehugger, for goodness' sake! We don't do product placement. She was thirsty, that's all. Look where she's holding the bottle - right under the tap - doesn't that tell you something?

I: All it seems to tell me is that you don't give your daughter enough fluids. But, since you appear to be a kind, sewing-all-your-kids-clothes sort of mother, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there. Do you have any other sewing plans for Grumbles in the near future? Is she going through winter wearing nothing but 'Clothes by Mum'?

J: Ahem. [mutters something about not answering of grounds of incrimination, and beating the system burble burble burble]

Project specs

Pattern: #15 from the Spring 1/2005 Ottobre Design magazine
Fabric: Playground by the Alexander Henry Fabrics collection


  1. gorgeous!!! Love the fabric!!!

  2. hi Jorth! so cute and I believe Grumbles resembes you :)

  3. Oh this is a delightful post. Fortunate little girl to have such a luverly Ma!

  4. Lucky girl to have such a talented mum!!!

  5. Anonymous9:42 am

    Very cool fabric! Youve done a super job. I love coming across other melbourne bolggers (especially super crafty mums with cute kiddies!!) Ill be back!


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