Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cat in a hot backyard

Yes, it's all about the cats at the moment, which is somewhat odd, as I'm not really a cat kind of gal. This little number was kindly bought for Grumbles by her Poppa when he came up to see his new granddaughter - ahhh! I particularly like his crop top - quite the look for bright orange cats these days, or so I am told.

Actually, that reminds me - on our walk down the street we often pass a gorgeously handsome aristocratic sort of cat. Grumbles loves him, and we often find ourselves parked in front of him for a good 10 minutes while Grumbles dissolves into giggles every time he miaows. Yesterday I popped into the library, and saw a notice declaring him missing. How sad! Now I can't walk past his house without doing a big scan to see if he's come back, which I probably should stop doing in case the owners think I'm casing the joint for cats to steal. Gulp.

Not a great deal of excitement going around here. I've been cutting out heaps of tops for Grumbles, and started sewing some of them, but I didn't feel the activity worthy of a blog pic. I've also been figuring out her winter wardrobe, which will consist of the above tops, some overalls, jeans, cords, jackets, fluffy cardigans, jumpers and a really, really cute coat! Busy - oh, just a little! However, I'm determined to make as much as I can, with the exception of shoes, socks and spencers. And since she's still sleeping, I'd best get back to the machine. Whirrrrrr!


  1. Love the orange kitty.
    Sad about the missing cat. I've been wanting a cat of our own lately..and I'm not even a CAT person.

    Can't wait to see the winter wardrobe! fun fun!

  2. Love the cat. Hope the missing one returns.

    I wanna see the cute coat! :)

  3. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Oh! I love this entry! I'm overjoyed to have found my way to your little blog via your comments on Aunty Cookie... will have to have a look around, gracia


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