Monday, March 27, 2006


Happily tucked into bed last night, just about to drop off to sleep when all of a sudden: bang bang bang bang bang wheeeeeeeee bang bang bang! "Fireworks", mumbled Galumph sleepily. Suddenly the Sandman disappeared, and having carefully wiped the drool off my face I was out on the street in my jim jams (along with half the neighbourhood), enjoying the light show that was the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was amazing! There were fireworks being shot off the top of all the buildings - how cool is that? It almost looked like the entire city was exploding, albeit in a rather pretty manner. But the best bit was watching all the neighbours we rarely see, venturing out to enjoy the show, and seeing their faces light up as the fireworks exploded. Oh, and see what sort of pyjamas the rest of the street wears, bahahahah!


Thanks for all your kind comments about Grumble's new top. It made our weekend!


  1. What a wonderful close to the weekend!

  2. Anonymous11:37 am

    Being on a fairly main road, and living next door to 5 dirty, uni-going or waitering type boys, who piff their butts over their balcony every chance they get and have recently purchased bongos, we stayed indoors to watch fireworks through the front window.


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