Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Mail Day!

Today was a good, good, good day for mail! Check out what the lovely, supremely talented Aunty Cookie sent me:

Look at this marvellous art work! I'm in love! I especially love their shoes - I think I need to get myself some pairs like those. But best of all is the cat - what a ham!

I think I'll get them framed, and hang them in Grumbles room (she hasn't seen them yet, but I can guarantee that when she does she'll point to the cat and say 'Miaow!"). And they were so beautifully wrapped (thanks, Shannon!) but of course I was too eager to rip them open to bother taking a photo. Ahem.

And in other breaking news, my sister had a baby girl on St Patrick's Day - hooray! Dad, Grumbles and I are heading in to see the wee little leprechaun this afternoon - I can't wait!


  1. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I am so glad you like the drawings, and the cat in the corner! And I got the top today also, havent tried it on yet as hoochie is asleep, but it looks perfect! What good swap! Thank you Thank you.

  2. Yeah, well cats are all well and good, but you are neglecting your deshevelled and slightly surly friends - who, while nowhere near as cute as the above cats - can definitely dance better to Madonna than they can.

    Bat on.

  3. Congratulations AUNTY!!!

    I´ve finished the back of the jumper and am way into the front!


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