Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sneak peek

Here's the trial version of the clutch purse that I'm making for the Melbourne crafty bloggers get together thingy. Trial's the right word for it, too. I've learnt the hard way that putting the hot iron onto the polyester blend ribbon means SIZZLE! See the smudge? Sigh. I've artfully hidden the melted hole in the ribbon for the photo, but that smudge just ain't moving. Thank goodness I did a prototype for me, and didn't wreck any destined as gifts. Now that would have been embarassing.

I'm getting a bit nervous about this crafty meetup. What if nobody likes my clutches? What if nobody likes me? I bet I knock something over, or spill a drink on somebody's gorgeous outfit, or fart at an inopportune moment or do something ridiculous, thus inviting the ridicule of the blogging world forever. Oh well. If worst comes to worst and I do trip, spill, make smells and do some godawful braying laugh, then I can always go home to a bottle of wine and Bridget Jones on DVD and reflect that, unlike the first day of school where you come home in tears and know that you still have four more years of this horror ahead of you, I never have to go back again.


  1. How could they not love you OR your gorgeous clutch purses!!! You'll have a ball - farts, spills and funny laughs included!!! Look forward to hearing all about it - from all of you!!

  2. don't worry L, I am pretty nervous about this as well. What was I thinking organizing this!!!!!.......
    *** looooove the clutch***

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    All will be well, i think we're all as nervous as each other but once we get together that will all disappear!
    Love the clutch!

  4. Anonymous10:59 pm

    I couldnt see the smudge at all!! Clutch is very cute and they will luuuurrrrvvveee you.I am sure your witty charm will win them over in an instant!

  5. Well, if all the really bad things on your list happen, that could be REAL BAD. But we will still love you (after all, we can't smell you from here).

    Your purse is really lovely. I can see Dita Von Tees with one (apologies if the spelling is crap).

  6. Aw, thanks everybody!

  7. Anonymous9:24 am

    Clutches eh?? you crafting genius!!

    Ill be over tomorrow for my fitting, maybe in the morning as I want to hit IKEA after - if you wanna come for a wander?

  8. You'll have a wonderful time, and I love the pokerdot fabric. Just remember enjoy !

  9. I think it's so hilarious how we're all posting about our severe cases of performance anxiety.

    PS. What smudge?


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