Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green lunch wrappers

In preparation for Grumbles starting school next week (and seriously, don't get me started on it because the TEARS WILL FALL) I ordered her some reuseable lunch wraps from Biome in order to cut down on the plastic wrap.

They arrived in the post today, and so far look pretty good. You secure the wraps with velcro, which keeps everything together nicely, and the fabric is breathable which stops bacteria from breeding. Once used you simply handwash in cold water, then use over and over again.

So that's one more school task checked off the list. All I have to do now (besides put labels on everything) is to figure out how to stop my heart breaking as she waves me goodbye from the classroom door and I'll be fine.


  1. Good luck with that. My youngest went off to school yesterday and I couldn't keep the tears in. I think I was the only one, all the other parents were smiling away.

  2. Oh i'll give you a big hug afterwards.

  3. why do you think i can't sleep and i'm surfing the interwebs at 1 in the morning?? w tried on his school uniform this afternoon and i could feel my heart cracking. you won't be the only one in tears on monday, jorthy xxx

  4. these are ace~
    ah yes, there will be tears. I stil remember sobbing when I first went to school... and I was the kid, not the parent!
    Hope it's a good day - maybe plan some nice things to do on the first day, both after G goes to school, and to look forward to when she gets home?

  5. How are these going, Jorth? Do you find them easy to use? Do they dry quickly and not keep the smell of previous meal?

  6. I looked at the price of the ones available here in the US and blanched! I'm going to figure out how to make my own. We go on day-long beach and town adventures where they'd come in handy. I just discovered your blog via pattern review dot com and love it! Sadly, I'm pretty much your physical opposite, so the patterns your use rarely work for me. But I love your energy and style. My son is 7. Not many patterns for boys. And no bows and butterflies. But I still do a lot of sewing for him. Thanks for being an inspiration. -from Seattle, WA


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