Monday, January 04, 2010

The Pledge

The room, despite the summer heat, was cool and the atmosphere suitably sombre. Jorth felt herself shiver slightly as she made her way along the dark expanse, lit only by the odd shaft of sunlight from the deeply recessed windows that served more to highlight the dust notes languidly floating through the air than to provide any decent warmth or light.

The crowd murmured as she slowly walked up the aisle, and came to a nervous halt in front of the justice of the peace. The JOP, an older lady with that particular type of matronly bosom that long ago fell out of fashion, stood holding a bible with an air of official authority. "Place your hand on the bible, and take the oath", she boomed at Jorth, who hesitantly did as she was told, and spoke in a faltering voice:

"I, Jorth of Jorth.Blogspot.Com, do solemnly swear to update my blog on a daily basis for the duration of 2010, weekends and family emergencies excepted."

"Hmmff!", said a wag at the back of the room. "We've heard that one before!"

"Hush your mouth!" directed the JOP, eyebrows narrowed like a hawk, before turning to Jorth and stating in a bald manner "You do know that you must update now. This oath had been taken, and must be upheld accordingly. Forgive me my doubts, dear, but I know you have struggled in the past - are you sure that you can manage?"

"Yes", said Jorth with quiet confidence. "I have been delighting in the words of others for so long, and neglecting my own blog, much to my shame. It's time to take less, and give a bit more back."

"Very well" said the JOP. "Go forth, and blog well. Oh, and put a few more vegetarian recipes up. I always like a good recipe."


  1. Aha! A commitment :) I look forward to your daily posts throughout 2010

  2. We have faith in you and look forward to more updates of Jorth!

  3. I should have been there, taking that oath with you. I've made a not so public oath to myself regarding the same thing. Let's hope that I stick with it.

  4. yay! welcome back :)


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