Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of bears and hugs and other things

Wow! Thank you all for the hair love - it made my day!

As did the lunchbox ideas love. That was rad!

AND the sewing quirks discussion. That was cool - who knew we all had such particular ways of doing things, huh?

As for the three way dress and the shirred dress love: many thanks. And blushes!

So on behalf of Grumbles and myself, here's a bit of love for you all from Henri the ubercute French bear. According to Grumbles nobody gives better hugs than Henri, which is high praise indeed. It's not like the kid is exactly bereft of cuddles, ya know?

Right - I'm off to do a thousand and one jobs, including washing brand new school uniforms. Is anybody else getting a bit anxious about this whole start of the school year thing? I felt like I was having a mild anxiety attack just composing the school lunch box ideas list. It's a big deal, this starting of school. A rather big deal.

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  1. i'm verging on nervous collapse! even though i've done it twice before my baby is tarting school and i just can't cope :(

    henri and your hair and the frocks all look gorgeous (but not necessarily in that order!)


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