Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not so out and about

Scene: Sometime early this morning. Delivery guy marches up to door, and rings bell. Jorth trots over and answers it.

Delivery Guy: Are you Ms. Jorth?

Jorth: I most certainly am!

Delivery Guy: Sorry, I didn't recognise you with those massive bags under your eyes.

Jorth: Hurumph. It's not my fault the neighbours had another 2am party, and I didn't get enough sleep.

Delivery Guy: Okaaaay. Anyway, I've got one grey day, one tradie, one overtired and potentially vomitting child and a list of household jobs as long as my arm for you. Just sign here, thanks.

Jorth: But but but I didn't order any of this! And it means I'll be stuck at home all day!

Delivery Guy: Not my problem lady. Oh, and one more thing: a bunch of flowers. That should help you get through it, eh?

Jorth (snatching flowers in a huff): Just, buddy. Just.


  1. Oh, we have had that same delivery guy here on many ocassions! But you know what? The happy smiling delivery guy will be dropping by any day soon. XX

  2. Oh i hope your day got better! :)


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