Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Butterfly Dress

Poor old Grumbles. Poor kid can't even step outside the door without a swarm of butterflies landing on her shoulder. Try as she might, she can't even shoo them away. It's like they are sewn on for good.
Look at her, screwing up her face. "The butterflies! The butterflies!" Thankfully her brave French teddy bear, Henri, is there to save the day. Or at least increase the cute factor. One or the other.

Project Details

Pattern: New Look 6613. This pattern is so quick and easy. If you are in the market for a cute summer frock for a little one, look no further. It takes about two hours from whoa to go, and can be easily altered to accommodate growing legs (is it just me or do they all sprout up like crazy during the summer?). I made version D, and crossed over the straps at the back.

I also cut out some of the butterfly motifs, interfaced the back, then sewed them onto one of the straps. Just a little detail that really brings a lot of 'wow' factor!

Fabric: "Canvon Flutter - Pink" Butterfly Print Cotton from Tessuti Fabrics. I just love the way the butterfly print looks like it has been hand printed. Super cute!

Notions: 1.1m of 6mm elastic for back.


  1. Oh that is too cute for words!! Grumbles is too cute for words!!

  2. So so so so pretty. The 3D butterfllies are a lovely touch.

  3. Anonymous7:29 am

    Super cute!

  4. Delightfully adorable! Lovely use of fabric and style!

  5. Oh its lovely and those butterflies really give it the wow factor.
    Grumbles seems suitably pleased!


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