Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More sewing from the stash!

It was dark inside the stash cupboard. Fabrics that normally wouldn't have been friends in real life, let alone deign to sit next to each other on a fabric quilt for all of eternity, were squished uncomfortably together in overflowing bags. Liberties sat next to stripy cotton prints from the '70s gifted by goodness knows who's mother, and tried to turn their aristocratic noses away from the mothball smell.

Normally the cupboard was quiet, but of late the murmurs and rumours were becoming louder. "She's sewing from stash!" some said, shocked by the very thought. "It's the mortgage, you see!" others kindly explained (usually those who had been there the longest, and been through austerity-fuelled crafting binges before). "The money is tight, so she's mending and making do. It's the new green!"

"Oh puh-lease!" tutted a rather gaudy patchwork cotton. "Let's get this straight: Crafting is the new green, which is the new black, which is the new ridiculous!" "Hush!", said an older and rather staid poplin. "Do you want to be chosen, or not?"

Despite the assurances, the sense of disquiet was palpable. Each sat quietly with their thoughts. Did they actually want to be the chosen one? When next would the bright light of day come flooding into the cupboard? Who would be removed? Would they be ironed, and made nice once more, or would they be used as play fabric by grubby and sticky fingers? Was it better to be taken out, or to stay safe and still with the one's one knew...

Then the day came. Quickly and decisively a bag was removed. Fabric was loaded onto the table, and scrutinised intently. Deep inside their cotton weaves, fibres shook with fear. Suddenly, two were chosen, and the rest were cast back into the darkness. As they soothed their troubled souls, the sound of the sewing machine could be heard. Straining in the dark, the stash fabrics listened for sounds of distress but none were heard. Then night fell, and all once more was silent.

The next morning, they heard familiar voices call to them in the magic language of fabric. "She's made us up!" the selected two cried out in joy. "We are now a party dress for a dear, sweet girl, and we have been ironed, and trimmed, and made up with love. We are so happy! Goodbye, dear pals - we are off to see the world!"

"You see!", exclaimed the older stash fabrics to the bewildered newer ones, "it's good to be used. Let us hope that there is much more stash hunting to come!"

Project Details

Pattern: Three Way Dress from Ottobre Magazine 3/2009, size 110cm

Fabric: Amy Butler I think? Who cares, it's from the stash and it's all good (and it saved traisping around in the heat yesterday looking for a birthday gift!)

Notions: 130cm grosgrain ribbon, once again from stash


  1. The dress looks gorgeous! I liked reading your little stash fabric story too, it made me giggle!

  2. Damn. I was feeling guilty for simply HAVING a stash. Now you've gone and made me feel bad about the FEELINGS of those in my stash....

  3. Lisa: Bwahahahahah! Get sewing, lady!

  4. Gorgeous dress Jorth and so much better to use your stash than out in the 43* heat yesterday. I was in it and literally melted onto the pavement!

    I only found your blog last night and adore it - you have some wonderful talents. Your daughter is very sweet and her clothes are fantastic, but I have been wanting lately to sew more for me and your outfits have truly inspired me!

    I look forward to reading more!

    Cherri :)

  5. I really admire the way the fabrics work together.

  6. Erm, i'm not sure i should ever visit your place YOUR FABRIC TALKS!!!!

    The dress looks fab though, lucky little girl. Oh and MUCH better than a store bought gift if you ask me :)

  7. I wonder what happy adventures lie ahead for these lucky chosen two...hmmm!

    Amy Butler prints are so lovely.

  8. darling, darling dress. makes me itch to sew one up for elle, even in spite of how far away our summer lies.

    is it troubling that i can identify not only the fabric designers, but also the lines these prints came from? i have spent way too many hours bonding with my stash.

  9. Beautiful Dress. Very inspirational to see something done so nicely. Are you on the otto yahoo group?



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