Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knitting Dreams

Ever get the feeling that there's too many beautiful knitting patterns and not enough time? I just been gawking away at the Kim Hargreaves site, and compiled a photo montage of all the things I'd like to knit. Um, hello? Earth to Jorth lady! As if they are all going to be knit this year!

Still, a girl can dream...

Left to right, top row: Misty (from Nectar); Harmony (from Nectar); Joy (from Nectar)
Left to right, middle row: Lauren (from Precious); Fay (from Precious); Bea (from Precious)
Left to right, bottom row: Effie (from Precious); Dolly (from Breeze); Daisy (from Breeze)


  1. oh gorgeous! what pretty designs, I spend way too much time on ravelry making designs my favourites but have no idea how I'd ever get them knitted up!

    thanks for sharing such gorgeous inspiration!


  2. How could you choose just one? They are all really gorgeous!

  3. I hear you!

    btw, I LOVE Harmony!!


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