Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Three Way Dress Production Line

I have two weeks to transform those piles of fabric into 12 dresses for the school fete. Eeeeeek!

This is now officially the point where I start to wonder why oh bloody why didn't I just volunteer to man the cake stand for an hour on the day. Gah!

On the bright side the above picture demonstrates some serious stash reduction. I can actually close the cupboard door now!


  1. Oh it must have been fun putting all those combinations together! OK well I would have found it fun :)

  2. gorgeous eye candy, can't wait to see the finished products

  3. ohhh a buffet! I like the colours of the first, second and third row closest to the camera - these will look great all done up!

  4. Gasp!

    My first thought is 'you bloody idiot'.

    My second thought is 'God, they will be STUNNING'

    Lets stay with the second thought, and just KNOW that I (and others) are with you on a mental/virtual sewing bee.

    Can't wait to see them all finished

  5. And your fete will be one of the most fashionable ever!

  6. Anonymous8:26 am

    Good luck! The green and white spotted fabric top left hand corner looks rather familiar!


  7. We Volunteer to do these things for our beautiful children,and we also love the creative challenge I believe! I look forward to seeing the end result."What a gorgeous collection of Fabrics you have chosen".Best wishes with the project:)


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