Monday, March 01, 2010

Another Three Way Dress

I am proud to announce that I have gotten over my addiction to Vogue 8184. Completely over it! Instead I've been concentrating on making Three Way Dresses from Ottobre magazine 3/2009. Would you believe that this is the fourth one I've made? Craaaaaazy!

Yep, it's just been like swapping cigarettes for carrot sticks. Or changing your Saturday night ritual of stuffing Burger Rings in your mouth with a chaser of two six packs of beer to training for a mini marathon. Breathe in that fresh air! Make a change for the better! Find something positive to replace with something negative. And I'm using up the stash again! It's all good, people, all good.

(Jorth suddenly remembers that some unfortunte people replace weed with crack cocaine, and her mood plunges with the sudden realisation that maybe this Three Way Dress thing isn't such a hot idea after all...)

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  1. I love the thought of sewing being like crack cocaine. So true. Many an afternoon have I walked in the front door, gone up to my machine and ingested it intravenously.

    The dress is super cute! Especially love the sleeves.


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