Thursday, March 18, 2010

Those darn dresses are finally done

As much as I love the ol' Three Way Dress from Ottobre 3/2009, I wouldn't mind if I never had to see another one again.

Ok, maybe for at least two more weeks perhaps. The last couple of weeks have been all about the TWD, but thankfully they are all now done, done, done. Phew! No more till next summer says I.

In other news, the head is better but I do have a lump. The Galumph stupidly put a bowl on top of a box last night, and as I pulled down the box from the top shelf the bowl came crashing down on my head, bounced off and hit the table then knocked off a glass of water which - of course - hit the floor and broke into a billion or so odd pieces. Poor Grumbles burst into tears at the shock of it all whilst I alternated between swearing my head off, seeing stars and feeling like I was about to throw up, and cursing the Galumph as loudly as I could. Poor fellow really copped it when he arrived home, I can tell you, but gosh darn it he deserved it.

Still, he did make me cheese and crackers to eat in bed when I finally felt better, so I may have forgiven him a smidge. Only a smidge, mind you because my plans for last night involved getting my hands on a nice cold beer and celebrating my Irishness with my bestie, and of course that didn't happen. Which is quite a pity, because I have a mightly good claim to Irishness. I've got the green eyes and dark hair and pale skin and bad teeth and everything, plus the Irish name and ability to trace my family's history back to medieval times in County Leitrim. I'm as Irish as you can without actually being born in Ireland for heaven's sake! Instead I lay in bed nibbling on cheese thanking my lucky stars that my head wasn't split open.

My brother split his head open once jumping off the top of a slide when he was little and let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight.

I no longer know where this blog post is going. Better summarise: dresses are done, head is intact but with a lump, my brother did dangerous and daft things as a child, and it would be a good idea for the Galumph to bring some chocolates home with him tonight.


  1. dresses look like things of beauty.

  2. I hear the chocolate is good medicine for concussion. Hell, chocolate is good for damn well everything!

    The dresses look sumptuous. :)

  3. Rest dear love and let that lump go down (and demand more lovely tasties delivered to you in bed.)

  4. A customer called and asked for 'The Irish girl', ahem, that would be me right? I should direct them to you instead, you're more Irish than me ;)
    Glad the head feels better. See you tomorrow!

  5. nice dresses! wish I was size 3 and I'd buy one!

    get that head better. apply chocolate immediately!

  6. I love your fabulous blog!
    Found you after you commented on mine about the lovely cows we live by :) Anyway, I am LOVING these darling dresses. I must get the pattern! Would you be able to point me in the right direction? I went to the website you linked but have had no luck so far. Any help is appreicated! Thank you so much!


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