Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the keyoard of the Galumph - The baton has passed

The blogging baton has been passed. I’ve decided to make a few subtle changes to the site and over the upcoming blog posts we’ll be focusing on topics which Jorthy has never dained to touch. Some ideas :-

1. Software Development and computers in general. I’d like to expand the amount of code being presented in this site from its current state (zilp) to..., well every 2nd or 3rd post. We can talk about Joel on Software’s retirement from blogging... very sad.

2. History and general military history. I’ve been reading some interesting books lately and I think it would be great to share with you great people my thoughts on such lively topics as Napoleon and Wellington (that story about Napolean being chased back into his carriage by the tame bunnies is great!) and Churchill and Australia which I think is a fascinating topic. We might also delve into Norman Davies either History of the Isles (we’re I think he defines the Isles in the first 60 of over 1300 pages) or History of Europe.

3. Biking adventures – I ride everyday so I’m sure there are some great topics, like what is that clink in my pedal, and can you ride in your business attire without needing a shower.

4. Lots more interesting topics.

Also what we won’t touch much upon is...well.... crafty type pursuits. I’ve knitted once, but it wasn’t good, I once thought about fixing my own trousers and almost succeeded. So wool is out and sewing out. On occasional I may allow Jorthy to present a guest piece, but it will need to be heavily reviewed for appropriateness.

I bet you’re wondering what the photo is above. For a long time I’ve felt that Jorthy has neglected the cat readers out there (and dog readers for that matter). This is a photo of my cat we named Baby Ging. We of course had a cat prior named Ginger. He arrived one day on our door step and never left. He was a great pet and I have lots of fond memories of him. Jorth isn’t really a cat person but I’m running the show now. Things are going to be a lot more cat-centric around here from now on!!!

Tomorrow. We’ll discuss the intricacies of serialisation within the .Net language. I for one can’t wait!!!


  1. You are in big trouble, mister.


  2. Hi Galumph, I told my husband about this and he thought it was great! I told him what Jorth usually writes about before reading this to him and he burst out laughing from start to finish. You've got a winner, even if it's just for the husbands of the women who usually read this blog.

  3. Anonymous10:14 pm

    No offence to Galumph but I miss the silken prose of Jorth. I hope the lady of the house feels better soon.

    Amanda aka anonymous loiterer

  4. I dunno, as much as i love Jorth's usual crafty posts, maybe you can sneak in that story about Napoleon and the bunnies on day...

  5. Oh finally, just what I've wanted to see in a craft blog.

    You see Galumph, in between sewing seams I've been trying to create some deserialation classes, but I've noticed some magic ... Specified fields being generated ... where did these come from?

  6. Kim Hood12:57 am

    Oh dear. I fear for the Galumph.
    The cat's great though!
    Lets have more cat.

  7. Anonymous5:00 am

    Can I haz cheezeburger?

    I just have to say, hands down this is my favorite blog. PERIOD. (And I read, I dunno, thousands of blogs a day.) I'm loving the occasional interjections from the Galumph, find myself wanting more, and though not wishing any harm on dear Jorthy, I'm hoping she'll take a Victorian approach to her recovery.

    Galumph: Bring it on dude! We may like to knit and sew, but we're not all frosted pink lipstick and scented panty liners.

    I challenge you to come up with a post that combines bicycles AND military history. Did you know that bikes were first used by the U.S. military after the Spanish War? Ha! Rioting mobs in were disbanded in Havana thanks to fast-moving soldiers who used their bicycles as barricades. The Swedish military has been using bikes for 100 years. Perhaps you prefer a little Southern Hemisphere history? Cyclist were used to great effect in the Anglo-Boer War and carried on a number of important tasks. They were used to spy and scout. They carried mail and telegrams, patrolled the border with Swaziland, and --get this Galumph--they were used to transport carrier pigeons because *riding on horseback upset the pigeons* whereas the birds rather liked being transported by bike. Bikes were used for all kinds of exciting missions, since they were more discreet than using a horse. [[[Neigh!]]]

    I'm sure you can take it from here and fill us in on the use of bicycles during the WWs.

    And to fast forward to the present day, check out the Montague Paratrooper bike, a tactical mountain bike that folds. It's designed to "endure any terrain at high speed in silence with no heat signature."

    Get better Jorthy! But until you do, this loyal reader will follow the Galumph with interest.

  8. Hahahaha! Good post Galumph ;) Not sure how much software and bicycle talk i'll be able to take but i'm all ears for now.

    (hurry back Jorthy!)

  9. ok, I'm with you on the cats and also keen on Number 3 ...Can it be done?

    Ummm Jorthy is still in the land of the living isn't she?
    We may require photographic evidence that you have not done away with her to take over the blog...

  10. Ha ha.

    You guys have a cat? I had no idea. Jorth is not a cat person? I'm shocked.
    Well, I'll have to skim over the code talk, but the history will be interesting, and I could definitely do with more cat.
    Keep the cat talk and photos coming.

    Get well soon Jorth.

  11. Cats rule, and Baby Ging has got style.

    I better not show this post to my husband, he may get ideas...... :D

  12. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Oh, and Galumph, you really should read this:

  13. NOw THAT is just freakin hilarious!

    I have a request to see item 2 illustrated in softies please. Ask Jorth what they are, she knows.

    And a vote of thanks for the increased cat quotient. ALL blogs need a bit of cat.

    Hope you're better soon Jorth, not that Galumph isn't hilarious, but .....

  14. April Fools, right?

  15. Love the cat...


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