Thursday, March 25, 2010

She threw over her blog for Gordon MacRae

Jorth opened the letter, emblazoned with the Justice Of The Peace header, with not a little trepidation. Inside there was a rather official message, stating that she had broken the vow she took on the first of this year to blog every day, family or medical emergencies excepted. As a result, she was summonsed to a hearing which would take place later on in the week.

"Oooooooooooh FRIG IT!" thought Jorth, cursing herself for her stupidity. She still couldn't believe she had forgotten to update her blog yesterday. She'd had a busy day, but she knew that the JOP wouldn't buy that as an excuse. Jorth sat down heavily in a chair,and mentally sifted through her day to see if there was any decent reason why she hadn't managed to get her blog done. There'd been coffee in the morning with a friend, followed by a ride into the city to do some Easter shopping, then the ride back home and all the household chores, then some grocery shopping followed by school pick up and a trip to the library to get Grumbles a book on planets. After that they had come home, did the school reading, made dinner, put Grumbles to bed and then settled down to watch a Doris Day and Gordon MacRae movie.

That was it! Her excitement over watching "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" had clean wiped blog responsibilities from her mind. Jorth thought things over carefully, constructing her defensive argument. Depending upon the level of affection the JOP had for Gordon MacRae (and let's face it, she was an older lady - chances are she could be nursing quite the soft spot for him, or Doris at the very least) she would either be let of the hook, or mused Jorth, "she'll have my guts for garters!"


  1. Hey I could see why you wouldn't blog because you were engrossed in a Doris Day/Gordon McRae movie! Do you need a character witness for the hearing? If so, I volunteer because this is definitely extenuating circumstances!

  2. Could anyone dare not to use Doris Day as an excuse?


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