Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From the keyboard of the Galumph.

There is a reason I’m called the Galumph, and it was no better illustrated than tonight when a poorly placed object (which I may have done) smacked old Jorthy on the head as she was reaching up to get down the food processor to make some coleslaw.

Of course I was terribly apologetic, but there was little humour in the house, especially after I laughed when first hearing about it!

Wish me luck!

Jorth will resume normal quality blogging tomorrow hopefully minus throbbing headache.

P.S. Jorthy if you are reading this I’m very sorry.


  1. Oh Galumph what ARE you like?! Feel better soon Jorthy!

  2. must not injure oneself..repeat this over & over on a daily basis.

  3. lol you guys are cute!

  4. Galumph, you have a great deal to answer for .... bring back Jorth!

  5. At least you're one of those blokes who knows how to apologise with style. :D


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