Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing in the loungeroom

After punishing myself and my sewing machine making those Three Way Dresses for the last few weeks, I decided to treat myself to a day off. And despite the fact that it did become somewhat clogged up with the usual tasks and chores (dishes, laundry, school pick up, grocery shop), it was really very lovely.

I knitted. And inbetween rows I would jump up and peruse eBay, checking out yarn bargains and having a little dream about future knits-to-be. Then I would knit for a bit longer, before decided that a cup of tea and biscuit were in order. Then I sat down and calculated my button positioning on my Joy cardigan, a job which I had been putting off but which turned out to be far more simple than I first suspected. All the while I had some excellent sing-along-songs blaring from the stereo. There may have even been a soft shoe shuffle or two across the loungeroom. And I can guarantee there was a fair bit of warbling by yours truly. Maybe even the odd case of jazz hands. Shhh, don't tell!

I have always been quite content to spend time by myself. My brain is always abuzz with so many projects and things that I want to make that I can happily spend large periods of time by myself, and not find that I am suffering for company. Just like Mrs Elton in Emma, "blessed with so many resources within myself, the world was not necessary to me", (although in my case it's actually true) and that was the delightful situation I found myself in today.

I find these days very good for the soul. I've got to schedule them in more often.


  1. Aaahh nice......

    Have you come across The Potty Knitter on Ebay? She sells recycled yarn in some pretty groovy shades (amongst other things).


  2. I love those knitting days. They are so nice and relaxed but you still feel like you being productive. I usually put on a load of washing then knit while I wait for it to finish. That way I feel productive but I am still doing what I want to do.


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