Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From the keyboard of the Galumph

Old Jorthy is still feeling under the weather, so I’m writing today.

One of the endearing facets of Jorthy is that she doesn’t do sick well. When I’m sick I lie in bed, demand hot chocolates, or something sweet, and generally complain. I’ll stay in bed for 48 hours if that is required. Jorthy on the other hand will hang washing (whilst hacking out her lungs), will wash dishes (’well you weren’t going to do it’ I’ve had hurled at me), and generally do anything but lie in bed, or relax (I could count on my hand the number of times I’ve seen Jorthy sleep during daylight hours) – no, I don’t think knitting projects, or sewing is relaxing in relation to being sick.

So when she is sick I enforce rules like ‘no going outside’ and yell at her every time she hops off the couch, I try to ply her with tea and keep up good books (which she ferociously reads). She on the other hand berates me for my slackness, and complains about my general apathy in regards to maintaining household cleanliness.

I like to think I do it better!

Not to worry though, she is on the mend and tells me she has been busily knitting. Wish her the best and please encourage old Jorthy to rest - the house can't run without her!


  1. I wish you best and wish you (to be) well..x

  2. Oh you poor things. Get better Jorthy and don't be too hard on the Galumph ;)

  3. you're a truely great man...take care of her..she'll love you for it!

  4. get better Jorthy!

  5. Colette12:07 am

    Get better soon Jorthy....and so nice to hear that the Galumph is taking good care of you

  6. All sounds very familiar.....

    Get well soon Jorth!

  7. Dear Galumph,
    If you keep filling her up with tea, you're going to Have To let her off the couch!
    Dear Jorth,
    Please get well soon, and save your couch!

  8. Jenny3:32 pm

    Nice work. Galumph.
    I like the two-handed blog, and look forward to Grumbles' first post!

    Get well soon, Jorth. The blog needs you. We need you.

    Hope you enjoy your knitting, and accept the enforced rest.

    Some music suggestions for you in the meantime: Splendour in the Grass, by Pink Martini.
    And something, anything, by Patti Griffin. And Eilen Jewell's Sea of Tears. And anything by Truckstop Honeymoon.

    PS i'm sure the berating and complaining is a symptom of the malady that ails you. It will pass. Knit one, purl one.

  9. Tanya6:37 pm

    Get well soon Jorth x


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