Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mudwrestling? What damn mudwrestling?

Do you ever have days that just fall apart? When every time the phone rings it's another plan that has gone pffffffffft in the wind? And then you decide that the only remaining option for that day is to sit in an almighty huff and contemplate the various ways you can maim and kill those responsible for the absolute ruination of your day (let's not forget that it's school holidays here, and all my usual activities have suspended AND I AM GOING FLECKING LOCO OVER HERE)?

Never fear - your cupcake solution is here. C'mon - is there anything in the world that can't be fixed by a cupcake? I DON'T THINK SO! (nuclear war, terrorism and certain leaders of countries excluded).

I'll introduce to you all my handy assistant, Grumbles, who can show you in five easy steps how to make your day better, with loads of chocolate and raspberries.

Step one: Choose a recipe. Preferably whilst sitting on the ground. After all, wasn't Newton sitting on the ground when the apple fell on his head and he, one of those laws? Hmmm?

Step two: Take ingredients as listed in book, then add raspberries. Everything goes better with raspberries, except maybe mudwrestling. Although I hasten to add that I don't actually know that from first hand experience.
As Grumbles demonstrates, raspberries must first be taste tested before they can pass muster.

Step three: Deny your own damn mother a taste of the raspberries. Laugh whilst doing so and say "All gone! No more!" (this step has been posted by Grumbles, cue evil laugh please)

* Please excuse my wonky nose. No, it hasn't ever been broken, it just naturally looks like that. Anyone who thinks otherwise can bugger off.

Step four: Carefully sift flour into egg mixture whilst squatting on the ground. If you tone the thighs as you bake then you can eat as many cakes as you want to afterwards! (This step has not been endorsed by any sort of scientific study)

Step five: A choice step - just like a choose-your-own-adventure book! Either finish making the mixture, pour it into patty cases with raspberries embedded and then dutifully hang around taking each batch out of the oven after 20 minutes. If, however, you are not a sucker, then sit on the floor and lick out the saucepan. Dingdongdelicious!


  1. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Ahhaahahahaaa, i have a little one just like yours. Can you imagine them together?! It would be utter chaos!

  2. Grumbles is a better cook than I am. *lol*

  3. Thankyou Grumbles for this lovely post. You have made me smile at 6am ( not easy!).

    I like your idea of wearing your wellies while cooking. This is a practical fashion choice I may well copy in future!

  4. Anonymous9:38 am

    Ohhh this is all too cute! What fun. See who needs mates who ditch you when you can lick ingredients from bowls??

    You need to do a similar version for me, but with my staple pantry ingredients: tin o tomatoes, teabags and chilli powder...oh and ofcourse! Half a pack of dry pasta. Any ideas?

  5. I almost fainted when I saw that Donna Hay magazine...can´t wait to get my hands on those! As for the cupcakes - you are absolutely right, there´s almost nothing they can´t fix. Keep on with the baking Grumbles!

  6. Cute cute cute.

    I have never baked cupcakes (well, not since I was Grumbles' age). Despite my awful baking skills I will try. Charles made some biscuits this week (they were dreadful but I think that was down to my involvement). But it was worth it for the sense of occasion in our house and the good time had by all.

  7. Grumbles, would you come over and repeat the process for me!? Thanks for the smile, giggles and finally the laugh out loud!

  8. super cute! grumbles has excellent taste in boots :)


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