Thursday, June 01, 2006


Do you ever have days where you kind of slump in a chair and just feel utterly overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, but stupified by the fact that none of them are truly urgent, but just hanging over your head like nasty thunderclouds? {Or is it just me?} Anyhoo, when that feeling strikes (which is certifiably has now, kabang!) I make a list. Even if I only tick one thing off, at least I feel I've accomplished something, and can justify telling those troublesome thunderclouds to bugger off.

So, introducing "Things I really need to get on top of, pronto, before the weekend comes bringing with it a visit from my Dad and everything thus going out the window":

- Buy more milk. I've just made myself a cup of tea using the very last dribbles of both the soy and cow juice, and let's just say it doesn't taste quite right.

- Put the border on the quilt so then I can wash it and let Grumbles use it, rather than sleeping poorly myself, wondering if she's warm enough at night (I know she is, as she has so many snuggly warm blankets that she could build her own cocoon if she wanted but try and tell me that at three in the morning when I've nothing better to do than wonder about such things, but am, sadly, too lazy to go in and check that she hasn't kicked off every blanket).

- Cook up the pears slowly mouldering away on my benchtop using this recipe, but crush the cardamon seeds this time. Last time I made it, it just tasted like a kind of peary marmalade.

- Put the zip in the top I'm making, so I'll stop faffing around and get it finished all ready. Geez.

- Make birthday cards for sister- and father-in-law. Watch out, Grumbles - I smell a craft activity!

- Clean the toilet and bath. Bleugh. Oh yeah baaaybee, can't wait to get stuck into that one.

- Find a cute and/or interesting photo to post with this entry. Oh look, all done!


  1. I so know where you are coming from! Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed about just everything, in just the way you've mentioned. And then I feel exactly that same way about the fact that I can't read every book that's ever been written, listen to all the music that there ever was, be perfect at every craft that's ever been "invented" (or at least give it a go). And then there's the baking, gardening and the list goes on. But it's crazy, isn't it?

    On the bright side, if you were just a blob on the sofa, none of these things would be bothering you, but you're not and so they do. Got to be a good thing, hasn't it? Just got to keep it in perspective.

    And I'm sure the pears, the cards, the quilt and everything else will be worth it.

    PS If you have any great recipes for apples, do tell me about it. But not apple pie.

    Crikey, I keep leaving people really long comments, but at least they're not anonymous!

  2. OH, lists and lists of lists! Got home from Holiday and the first thing I did this morning was make a list just like yrs.
    Lovely post!
    Now where the hell did I put that bloody list ?

  3. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Ive bought a schmancy little 'crafting' notebook to make my lists in. Because I am a loser, but one that has a nice notebook.

    Hey was gonna stalk you yesterday as I needed a netball fill in..!! But was too late in the day. So we played one short and I got angry and somehow strained a bum muscle??

  4. I love lists too as you´ve probably noticed. I make a small to-do list every morning - it feels great to strike things off and keeps me from being overwhelmed because I can concentrate on a few things at a time. Keep writin´em!


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