Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Long weekend

Things that I did this long weekend past:

- Rode all 32km of the Capital City Trail. Did you know that at one stage the bike path actually 'floats' on the Yarra River, supported only by these odd pylon things that enable the path, in it's entirety, to rise with the river? Me neither!

- Went home and ran a very hot bath to ease my acute case of 'biker's arse'. Ow!

- Pigged out on Vietnamese for lunch, and introduced Grumbles to the wonder that is rice paper rolls.

- Baked an apple and lemon snow pie that everybody raved about, but which I thought was a bit ho hum.

Things that I didn't do this weekend that I really should have done:

- Finished Grumble's quilt. C'mon - it's only binding. How hard can it be? I swear, as soon as I finish typing this out, I'm going to hit the sewing machine and get it happening.

- Tidied out all the junk from the cupboards in Grumble's room. I am truly beginning to believe that stuff just breeds in there.

- Got cracking on the lining for my top. Gah - what a boring job.

- Thanked the Queen for having a birthday, therefore enabling her subjects to blob around in her name. Actually, I should probably thank her parents for having her. Or maybe I should thank the Victorian Government for not abolishing the holiday? Err, it's all too complicated now.

Rightio, off to the sewing machine I go. Really!


  1. Anonymous3:03 pm

    oh hello? you didnt mention meeting me?

  2. Sorry - everybody, I also met Aunty Cookie in person! And she's a blast! With fabulous boots!

  3. Wish I could meet you in person too!

  4. Queen? Birthday? Holiday? Why don't I know about this. She's my queen so where's my holiday?

    Glad you had a fab weekend. Isn't bike-riding the best? I did the London to Brighton a few times (about 56 miles) but I think it may finish me off right now.

    Looking forward to seeing your completed sewing projects.

  5. Your baby looks so cute in the back of the bike. It looks awfully cold. Is it winter where you are?

  6. your funny!
    Well done on the 32k ride, jeez!!!


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