Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ice cream quilt finished!

And now, by popular demand, is the completed ice cream quilt in all it's finished glory! I totally botched up the binding, but am waaaaay beyond caring now. Next time I think I'll do the 'bag out' technique to finish up.

All in all, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. I wanted quite a random look, which I think I achieved (Editor: please keep understatements to a minimum, hmmm?) and I'm very happy with the crinkled, aged look the dryer treatment gave it. Verdict: A big thumbs up, although next time I tackle a quilt I'll make sure I don't have about fifty bazillion other projects on the boil.

Anyway, project specs:
Design: own.
Fabrics: Scraps of Amy Butler 'Charm' left over from a top I made Grumbles last summer, plus pink and brown homespun cotton; wool batting.


  1. It looks great, well done.
    I am in the process of hand stitching a quilt for the first time...........

  2. Oh you are so clever! Fantastic! Fabarooni! And does this beautiful quilt now belong to Grumbles? It's a fitting quilt for such a cutie. The colours are delicious.

    In my ignorance I must ask a question: what is home-spun cotton? No reason for asking, other than I like to understand things!

    I should start a quilt, as Charles won't sleep under his new duvet, having been used to a Grobag for all his life. A quilt would feel lighter, smaller and less intimidating, I think.

    So, when are you starting the next HUGE quilt, then?

  3. Anonymous11:51 pm

    really beautiful! i really like the colors and the striping

  4. You are so brave for making up your own design and sewing away. You did a wonderful job. Quilting is difficult when trying to stuff in a tiny machine, but so worth the effort, don't you think. You could hire someone to do it, but then it wouldn't be the same. Great job!

  5. You know, I think your little girl will treasure this quilt.
    It is lovely.

  6. Neopolitan eat your heart out!!! I Love this, beautiful colours!!!!

  7. yummo - that looks delicious! i can highly recommend bagging out. i bagged out my last quilt and it worked beautifully - much faster than binding :)


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