Monday, June 05, 2006

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day (the pictures are from the rally we went on yesterday. Grumble's first rally - what a proud activist mum I am!). Make a difference - it's easier than you think! Here's some ideas to get you going:

- Ride a bike or walk instead of taking the car. Think of how toned you'll soon be, too!

- Fix those dripping taps. A tap that drips once a minute wastes a bathtub of water a month. Cripes!

- Grow some vegies in your garden, or even just some lettuce in a pot. The less food miles, the better, eh?

- Turn off lights you don't really need on, and put on a jumper instead of whacking on the heating.

All of those ideas will help you save money, too. And if you're feeling inspired and want to read more, check out And happy WED to you all!


  1. OK - you have made more of a difference than you realise! And on the other side of the planet, too. Today I will phone our local council and ask them to bring us some more recycling baskets (which we lost ages and ages ago, when we moved). And I will go right now and turn off the pretty lights I don't need. And I will finally get a child seat for my Marin bike, which I do not need an excuse to ride. Only thing is I live in a village so have to use my car.

    Thanks and keep going (your kiddie is the cutest activist!

  2. Alice, that's awesome!

  3. Great stuff ~ every little bit helps, for sure!

  4. Yeah, I've really done those things and more. (My OH looked at me weird when I declared I'm going to save the planet but it's about time). But get this, the crates could take 28 days to arrive! I

  5. What a cool day you had. I didn't know it was world enviroment day. We have a dripping tap, and a broken loo, which wastes loads of water, and yes the plumber keeps saying he'll come over, but where is he!!! Definately need to speak too him again.


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