Friday, June 16, 2006


Red socks, and red gumboots, but she wouldn't stay still enough for me to take a picture of them. Also, a new fringe. For some goodness knows what reason, as we ate our lunch today, I was struck by the sudden urge to cut her a fringe. So I bounced up, grabbed the nail scissors from the bathroom and did it. Grumbles, unperturbed by her mother hacking at her hair with what must be the world's bluntest nail scissors, kept on searching for lentils amongst the pasta shapes whilst I sat there aghast, thinking: she looks so grown up now! What have I done to my baby?

Oh well, at least she has a nice warm quilt to sleep under. Thaaaaat's right, I finally finished it! Pics when the light improves, I promise.


  1. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Her hair looks cute!

  2. Cute! At least you don't have to chase her around the house with the scissors. My house gets covered in Charles's hair every couple of months. He is not happy about it. And you can leave your little girl's hair to grow if she suddenly turns defiant. But Charles would look weird with shoulder-length hair.

    Show us the masterpiece quilt asap!!!

  3. What a talent you have as a mommy/hairdresser. Loving the red socks.


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