Friday, June 02, 2006

Why you should never craft in a hurry

Today was always going to be a busy day. I had a supermarket run to do, plus a stop at the bread shop, and then a dash home to cook an early lunch for my friend and her bub who were coming over. Poor old Grumbles didn't pop down for her nap until after they had gone, at which point I decided that I was sure - nay, determined, that I was going to make a cute Moopy bunny.

Draw-draw-draw I hurried, tracing out the pattern.

Cut-cut-cut I went, slicing through the fabric.

Sew-sew-sew I zoomed, pushing my machine past Mach 5.

Stuff-stuff-stuff I pushed, giving body and shape where before there was none.

Finally, after tying the last knot, and snipping the last thread, I stood back and surveyed my handiwork. "Jorth", I said to myself, "another success! And all in the time it took for Grumbles to snooze - well done!"

Then I noticed that his ears were on backward. Gah!


  1. Oh, but he's cute (although he does look somewhat startled!)

    Good work!

    I still have all the materials for Pointy Kitty but haven't got round to it yet.

  2. Oh Alice, he's not startled - just severely myopic!

  3. Don't tell us, we never would have known. My daughter likes too make her eyes go like that. Maybe it's true that if you do it too much your eyes will stay like that, thats seems to have happend to this softie!, I'd better warn my daughter fast!

  4. Hello from sunny England (well today anyway)!

    Just found your blog through Weird Bunny's. Love the bunny and the Yoga Wrap looks divine. Hope to read some more of your blog later.

  5. This is cute! He made me laugh out loud! I just downloaded the pattern.... a project for another day.

  6. I've done that and I wasn't in a hurry:D

  7. I've done that and I wasn't in a hurry:D

  8. no no - his ears are on the right way round - are his legs and arms spotty all the way round?? I guess - yes - in which case - his ears are most certainly on correctly - without a doubt.

  9. Those are a fine pair of ears, and where did he buy his tights (pantyhose??)? I want some.

  10. What a sweet little fellow! I know the feeling of satisfaction when finished suddenly mixed with realizing that something isn't quite right. I woudn't rip this one though!!

  11. He´s cute, backward ears and all!

  12. olive7:19 am

    i think he heard you! he looks horrified. "it's ok little chap, she didn't mean it, you're ears are superb!"

    olive x


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