Thursday, June 08, 2006


Things I have been pondering upon this morning:

- That's one pretty nifty sleeve dart I've done there (oh, and the seams do match up, it just doens't look like it in the photo because I was too lazy to wield the iron).

- Where are all the Timothy Dalton fans? Yoo hoo, anybody around?

- That I haven't used the word gongoozler in a sentence for a while. Time to stop staring at it, eh?

- That Pea Soup's list of Australianisms is really rather quite good.

- That I'm getting just a little bit bored of using the lettuces in my garden to make salad. Time for some curried pea and lettuce soup, methinks.

- That I wish my friends in Russia would hurry up and come home.


  1. Anonymous3:18 am

    Like the sleeve - very nifty, but I must let you down on the Timothy Dalton front. Doesn't do anything for me!!

  2. I liked Pea Soup's thingy too. In fact I always enjoy what she has to say. But I found this particular post very entertaining.

    Can't help with the Timothy Dalton thing, I'm afraid. Just too smooth!

    But I like your sleeve and I wish I could partake of some of your soup. I love making soup but don't grow my veg. The Covent Garden Soup books are just fantastic - I wonder if you've seen them.........

  3. Soup books, you say? Hmmm. I feel a Google session coming on!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment! Compiling those lists was so much fun, especially when people jumped in and contributed too!


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