Tuesday, May 30, 2006

View of a quilt

A picture of zee quilt. And quite a rubbish picture at that. Must work on bettering my photography. Anyway, don't you all think it looks like icecream, or is that just me? That's what happens when you make up quilt designs on the fly, I suppose, especially when you've never actually made a quilt before. Last night Galumph and I made the quilt sandwhich (not as tasty as an icecream sandwhich, that's fer sure) then did the actual quilting. Gah, why didn't anybody warn me what a terrible job that is to do? There was rolling of fabric sandwhiches, and swearing, and curt instructions being issued, followed by more swearing and the PUCKERS! Everywhere! No entry into the Royal Melbourne Show Quilt Beginners category for this one. I can now understand the allure of handstitching a quilt - it may take a lot longer, but it's almost guaranteed to be pucker-free. After all that effort we needed to calm ourselves with a fortifying Milo. Crazy.

So tonight we'll tackle the border (another botched effort that shall be, I'm sure) and then probably the Galumph and I will line up with hands placed on our copy of Kids Quilts in a Weekend and solemnly swear never to attempt another quilt again. Except for the "What a Bunch of Squares" quilt that I'm in love with. Hmm, might need another Milo whilst I ruminate on that one.


  1. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Great colours! Doing the actual quilting bit of making a quilt gives me craft rage, too! Good luck with the rest of it.

  2. It's a lovely quilt. You should be pleased you've got that far! I recently bought Quilt Road and Quilting for Dummies and am too intimidated to make a start. I have a deadline - my little boy will be going from a cot to a bed soon, so I want to make him something special.

    I will heed your comments about machine quilting. I just assumed you had to do it by hand anyway, actually..... I will be pleased if my first attempt turns out as well as yours has (but photos can be deceptive!!!)

  3. It´s fabulous! It does remind me of ice-cream, delicious!


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