Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ahh, Miss Marple, slowly she grows. I have a confession to make: I'm bored with her. I still think she's lovely, but what can I say - I'm a fickle knitter. I've only got eight rows to go, and then I'm finished the front, but all I can think of is Sleeve Island, and that's it - I'm spent!

This arriving in the mail yesterday didn't help matters one bit:

It's four ginormous balls of Rustic from Bendigo Woolen Mills in Earth. Such a lovely shade! And the balls are so big you could play netball with them! Or use them as weights! Or maybe knit yourself this:

Yoga Wrap from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006. Although I couldn't really see myself doing yoga in it. If I tried, I'm sure I'd get all tangled up, and end up with my legs behind my head and in excruciating pain. And my teacher would do that funny little head shake of his, and move on to look at somebody else, whilst I remained there on the floor, feebly croaking "Help! My Yoga Wrap is trying to kill me!" I mean, who would want to take a chance on that happening? Not me.

The other thing against Miss Marple is that, fluffy and sweet as she is, I just don't see myself wearing her until spring at the very earliest. Whereas YW, well, providing that she behaves herself, she'll be popped on as soon as she's off the needles. Or blocking board, depending upon how lazy I am. So warm! So wrappy! So, I'm sorry Miss Marple, but Yoga Wrap it is. Just don't gang up in the cupboard and plan my demise, 'kay?

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  1. The yoga wrap is beautiful! I´m sure Miss Marple won´t mind waitng her turn.


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