Monday, July 03, 2006


Yes, yes, yes, I've had to dig through the archives to find a pic as we didn't do anything exciting on the weekend except walk into the city, walk around the city, then walk home from the city in the pouring rain, with Grumbles ensconced under the rain cover of the pram in a snug-as-a-bug fashion, the Galumph valiently strolling along wearing nothing extraordinary to protect him from the elements but (whispers) a Microsoft VSIP beanie (gah, the horror! and it was made out of bright blue polarfleece!) and me wearing my private eye disguise (vintage tan woolen coat with matching trilby, such the funkster!). So instead you are all treated to a pic of Grumbles wearing a top and a pair of overalls made by moi last summer, not that you can see them, doing her very best myopic look. As just for interest's sake, I'll mention that she is standing on the balcony of our old place that we moved from in a hurry, despite the fact that we loved it, as our scary neighbour went a bit psycho one day and stabbed himself and the police sent a swat team with full ammo around to deal with him and then he was sent home after only two days in the psych ward and then began leaving presents on our door step and knocking on the door at 11 at night to visit. Good move, that move. Still, the balcony was nice.

Now, there was a reason for this post, apart from telling you what we wore to get soaked in. That's right - we're off for a week. Down to the country we are heading for a blissful seven days of blobbing, eating, sightseeing if we can be bothered and eating (I get hungry when I travel). Enough blathering and wittering (as opposed to witting) - I must pack! And wash Grumble's good pjs as she has just sent a cascade of milo down them. Gaaaaaaaah!


  1. How unnerving, having a neighbour like that. You would never feel safe would you? It doesn't sound ideal that this man was sent back out into the world with little or no supervision or assistance, either. That happens here often.

    It's so hot here (32 degrees) and Charlie's bedroom temp didn't seem to go below 28 last night. So I'm thinking your chilly walk sounds very.....refreshing. But we wait for this weather all year and some years it never arrives, so I must enjoy it, and in some ways I do.

    Have a lovely, lovely break and we shall certainly expect some photos on your return.

  2. Walking in the rain. Since moving to OZ, I have noticed that we just HAVE to walk in the rain.I enjoy getting caught out in it.

    Have a great break.

  3. Enjoy your holiday in the country and all that wonderful food I am sure you will be consuming!!

  4. Clearly the neighbour from hell!!

  5. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Have a great time!


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