Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's official...

... I'm in a fug. A deep, gloomy, London pea souper kind of fug. The sort that refuses to disperse, no matter how frantically I wave my arms around the fog (and this would explain the lack of blogging. Too busy waving to type). Too much fustiness, in fact, around for me even to be bothered to find a pic to post. Oh yes, things are dire indeed. The reason - our trip. Admittedly, we have a nice, relaxing time, recharging our batteries, but the main purpose of the trip was to check out the real estate, or in other words, sort out our tree-change, and hopefully find a splendid, reasonably priced house which we could buy without too many financial difficulties.

Splendid houses abounded. Unfortunately, they were all $200,000 above our price limit. And this is in a country town! A country town which is rather handily situated for treechanging commuters to regional centres on a nice quick train line, I'll admit, but still! And it's not like we're asking for much - after all, there's only ever going to be the three of us, so all we want is a small, 2 bedroom house with enough of a backyard to put in vegie patches and fruit trees, hopefully not next door to skanky neighbours.

And you know who's pushing the prices up? The greedy sods who insist on having second homes. We went to the open-for-inspection for a great home - affordable, in the good part of town, lots of light, nice garden, etc, and whilst we were there this old crone told the agent that she was quite keen on it, as she's looking for her FOURTH INVESTMENT PROPERTY! The Galumph had to hold me back, because I was this close to tackling her to the ground, giving her a good thumping with her walking stick and screaming "Why do you need a fourth home? You're going to die soon, anyway!"

So, anyway, we came home and sat in front of our budget spreadsheet, and figured out ways to save even more. "The life of frugality must be embraced!", declared the Galumph, which in itself is pretty darn depressing, as the ol' belt doesn't have too many more notches to tighten with. With only one income coming in, it's not like we're indulging in fine dining every other night, or throwing money away on fun things. We only eat out twice a year for birthdays, for flips sake! (although in the interest of Operation Save And Become Mega Tight Asses, I've cancelled my own dinner out this year, so if you hear me crying next Wednesday, you'll know why)

Thus the fug. I know, I'm really lucky, and I have so much to be thankful for, but I'm still feeling a little gloomy. Please excuse me. Our treechange, which we thought we happen so soon, seems rather quite far off now. Plus I have a sneaking suspicion that I have my phantom period (since I don't get an actual one any more, but still have all the hormones buzzing around doing their thang like making me teary and hormonal, yes, sorry, faaaar too much info), which isn't helping matters.

So, I'm going to put on my new favourite song, and dance around the loungeroom whilst watching this until I feel better. Any other ideas for fug removal would be appreciated, as long as they are cheap!


  1. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Fug removal? Have a drink!

  2. walking, talking and chocolate ;)

  3. I've often visited your blog and I was sitting here, flicking around a bit, as you do, waiting for the RACV man to come and bring me a new battery, when I went back and read your birth story. So here I am sitting here, balling my eyes out and next thing I know the RACV man is RIGHT AT THE WINDOW, knocking on it, starring at me. And I jumped a bloody mile. He had let himslef in and saw me so just tapped casually on the window. And he was such a gentleman, asked me if I had just had some bad news. I told him no, I was just reading a really horrible story, but that it had a very, very happy ending. I hope that gives you a bit of a laugh. And this weather is not conducive to happiness either. A nice sunny wintery day is all alot of us needs. Least of all my washing!

  4. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Fourth investment property? Who ARE these people?! Belt-tightening is no fun (we are right there with you!) Cheap fug removal? Chocolate! Hope the fug disperses soon! xo

  5. Oh Sorry you're in a fug. I must say you have brightened my day with the vid clip! The Bear has now bought me some of her songs! So I can dance around the house ( and try to remember my One year of belly dance lessons!).
    Enough of me. You............
    1. How about a belly dance cd from the library ( if they haven't got one in, order it). You will not feel blue , you will have to get up and dance!
    2.Hot choc and marshmallows?
    3.A walk with your camera? YOu can only take pics of anything bright pink!
    4.You and Grumbles could do each otheres hair?!
    5. Take half a dozen ingredients from the pantry and make a meal?
    6. Foot bath with warm water and peppermint oil.
    I'll shut up now. OBTW, you will get your house, you will. It will happen!

  6. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Okay I always find glasses of wine and oodles of chocolate has an instant effect and is especially good with some really bad tv! but for a no cost option maybe building a still? they work quick don't they?!

  7. Hi Jorth, welcome back!

    It's so frustrating to find yourself in that situation with the property prices being as they are. There's a real problem with property prices here, too. I can understand you wanting to give that woman what-for.

    Dancing is a good thing. I only ever dance in the house (we don't often go out) but it can get me feeling quite euphoric. On top of the world. So keep it up!

  8. Anonymous6:30 am

    olive here(!) i emailed you earlier but thought i'd tell you my fug is clearing after having eaten ready made custard straight from the tin spoon by spoon whilst shelling fresh broad beans and scoffing them heartily. can't promise it'll work for you! but also playing summer nights at full blast and singing into a bottle of beer that appeared from the back of my excursion into the pantry ! truly hopes your fug lifts asap.
    olive x

  9. I hope your Fug has lifted. And that your dreams of your treechange can happen soon.

  10. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Clear that pea soup away! Ha ha. Ha. Sorry.

    Your tree change will happen, you need to choose a less trendy town. Try over here! If we can do it on our tiny income, you can too!

    In the meantime, have a hot chocolate with marshmallow. It never fails.

    (Suse, from Pea Soup. Trying not to be anonymous but blogger is being weird this afternoon).

  11. I bake a pie when in a fug. The smell alone is enough to clear away all thoughts of...well, anything but pie, and then of course we get to the eating part. Absolutely heavenly.

  12. Does tree change mean new house. I'm confused, as ever!!!! Don't be sad... It will all sort itself out in the end.


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