Friday, July 14, 2006

Weather forecast: Fog clearing, then fine

Well, the sun is back out at chez Jorth. Phew - I hate feeling mopey! I took all of your fabulous advice on board (thanks everybody, much appreciated!), and danced, went for a big long walk, ate chocolate and had some wine - only one glass, though! And then my favourite Aunty came around this morning bearing cool, funky pressies for me and Grumbles, so I'm well and truly a happy camper. Hooray!

You'd have to be one sad, sorry sack of dung not to smile at this - it's RAD!

And as for the house saga, I guess it's a bit que sera, sera. When it happens, it'll happen. Now, I'm off to defuzz myself in prep for my birthday party tomorrow night. We're having a vegetarian Mexican feast to celebrate me turning the big 2-9. Woohooo!


  1. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Lucky gal! That tee is amazing. Glad to hear you're feeling better, can you rub some off on me?

  2. Cool top! Yes, you couldn't help but smile! Good luck with the de-fuzzing. I find that always makes me feel like a million dollars and about 5 kilos lighter! And that's got to be good.

  3. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Jeez what a cool top, youre so lucky!! And only 29? abit of a spring chicken arnt ya? Enjoy your party and your defuzzing..I did think you looked abit on the moustachio side....was abit embarressed to say anything, you know its still early days for us!!

    Have a rad party dude!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a really special party. I hope there are plenty of Margaritas to go with the food!!!

  5. Have a wonderful birthday. 29! Your whole life is ahead of you :-) Try not to worry too much about your dream home. I was 34 when we bought our house and I thought it would NEVER happen.

  6. Is that top for grumbles or you?!

  7. Grumbles! Although I wouldn't mind one in my size, either!

  8. Gorgeous top!

    Glad you've chased the clouds away.....and very many happy returns for your birthday.

  9. 29?! Is that all?
    Happy Birthday Jorth Woaman
    Best wishes from the herhimnbryn household.

  10. Happy birthday, young 'un!

  11. Happy 2-9.
    it's not so bad is it?


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