Monday, July 24, 2006

What Jorth did next

So, on the weekend we did the following (in no particular order):

- Had lunch at Brighton with the grandparents, where they were severely berated for forgetting my birthday, and then we enjoyed a nice stroll on the beach. Oh, and if you squint really hard at the pic you can see that somebody had graffitied 'no dog sh*t' on the sign. Whoever did it was obviously on some sort of community announcement mission, because we counted it 7 more times.

- Laughed ourselves silly as Grumbles clunked around the house wearing my red heeled boots. The kid has quite the cowboy swagger going on!

- Drove throught the city in the rain. How I love a rainy cityscape!

- Enjoyed a movie and a pint with my pal (the movie, Wah Wah, although excellent, was a little too close to the bone in relation to my own teenage years, so I did end up feeling kind of disturbed by it)

- Watched a rather scary episode of Four Corners which talked about the peaking of oil supplies, and how dooooooooomed our energy-hungry society is going to be when it alllll ruunnnnns ooooouuuuutttt! Top viewing.

- Finished the main section of my yoga wrap, which is proving to be wonderfully warm, a good thing considering that in a few years we're all dooooooooomed! I, however, will be warm and dooooomed.


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    What TV and cars all in one weekend?? yes you are doomed now...

  2. Jorth, I love reading your blog. I am a Melbournite living in Japan for about 7 more days. Ahhhh time flies. I am a bit scared about how cold it is going to be on my return as it is very humid and hot here right now. I love your rainy city photo. It makes me not so scared of the cold. Thanks

  3. Yes, I really like the rainy city photo too. Nick and I love walking in the rain.

    I just looked at the trailer for the film you mention. It looks like a really good film. Must catch it some time (we see a lot of films - it's part of Nick's business, but we haven't seen this)

  4. Gorgeous cityscape image.
    I think you will have to call your yoga wrp the "Wrap of Doom', then you can swirl it around yourself and be a super heroine!

  5. Ha! The Wrap of Doom! I love it!

  6. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Three cheers for rainy drives through the city... I love it too.
    see you, gracia

  7. Oh, thank you so much for the Wah Wah link. I'd seen previews for it, but never noticed when it came 'round. Have probably missed it now, as says it's coming May 21st and is now July 30th. Is a yoga wrap a knitted thing or a knotty position?

  8. Vita, the yoga wrap is a knitted garment/blanket/shawl-with-sleeves/monster. Pics soon!


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