Monday, October 17, 2011



There are some days that will stay in my memory forever. The day I met the Galumph, for example. Or the day I gave birth to Grumbles - heck of a day, that one, but I'll treasure every memory forever. The day we moved into our very own home, and sat proudly on the steps thinking "Yes! It's ours!" Yes, those mighty fine days that bath us in sunshine every time we think of them.

There's one more day I can add to this happy list. Sunday, 16th October 2011 shall be forever be enshrined as the day I taught myself to crochet. Oh, happy day indeed!

Now, before you go and organise the marching band and ticker tap parade, I will admit that I only really know how to do chain stitch and double crochet. But still, it's a start, and more than I knew on Saturday! I'm using the excellent Kids Learn To Crochet by Lucinda Guy and Francois Hall. Hey, if it's good enough for the kids, it's good enough for me! Nah, really, it's a simple but thorough book, and the illustrations are tremendously helpful.

I must say, I'm quite excited to be walking around calling myself a crocheter. It always felt like some exclusive club I just couldn't quite get into, and I'd find myself pressing my greasy nose up against the window and looking on with admiration and longing at everybody else merrily crocheting away inside. But now I'm in the room, hook at the ready with the best of them. Hooray!
In other news, the winner of the Clutch Purse is Rie. Send me your deets, Rie, and I'll send you the clutch!


  1. Anonymous12:32 pm

    I am just learning as well! I am taking a free online class. You must check it out! Can't wait to see some finished projects.



  2. Ah crochet, I do love thee.

    I feel the same way about knitting, which I am trying to teach myself (using your pattern btw :D). Crocheting is much more fun though!

  3. Hey! I was just about to comment & say Woot Woot with your crochet ... when I saw my name & then actually re-read the last paragraph! That's me! So Woot Woot for you & a Woot Woot for me!!!
    My email addy is: mbiswell at gmail dot com cheers!!

  4. Well well, clever girl aren't you?! Now that you've mastered the chain and dc you'll be off flying with the rest.

  5. Yay! Congratulations. I second Elizabeth. The craftyminx crochet school has been fantastic so far. Enjoy. Cindy.

  6. Congratulations! You can do an awful, awful lot with chain stitch and double crochet (I used to make no-pattern doll clothes that way when I was a kid). Funny, while I "mastered" (and then abandoned) crochet early, knitting thoroughly intimidates me. Crochet's much easier, in my opinion.

    Have fun! :)

  7. Oh I learnt two weeks ago, so I share your excitment. And like you I've been wanting to learn for a while. I've had a few attempts, teaching myself and trying to copy my Nonna (who does everything too quickly, it's difficult to copy her) but finally I think I'm getting it!

    I've just finished making a pair of slippers and as of last night I have started a new project, a scarf. Oh I can't wait to get home from work to keep going with it :)


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