Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A girl, a balloon and some new denim pants

Somebody had way too much fun giggling about with a balloon whilst I took these pics. Bless!

Denim Pants #1

Denim Pants #2

Denim Pants #3

Project Details
Pattern: 'Mandarine' linen pants #14 from Ottobre Design Magazine 2/2005
Fabric: 70cm lightweight denim (left over from the pinafore I made the other week) from The Fabric Store
Notions: Topstitching thread and elastic for the pockets

Good gad, have I gotten my money's worth out of this issue of Ottobre! This is the fifth pattern from that mag that I have made - many of them multiple times. I first made the Tyger a pair of these pants when she was still a wee little toddler. Sniff! How quickly the years are going by. But that's the beauty of the Ottobre patterns - they are so well designed that they never go out of style, and the multiple sizing means that if you find a keeper, you can just keep on making it.

These pants are a hit with the Tyger, and with several (grown up) people we saw yesterday, all of whom voiced the opinion that they would like a pair for themselves. They are nice and light, so they'll be good sun smart pants for when the weather really starts to get hot. The pattern called for them to be made in linen - I think I will do a linen pair for her next, but this lightweight denim works just as well.

I particularly like the elasticised tops of the pockets. So. Darn. Cute!


  1. I like the pants. Really nice model. I'm thinking of ordering Ottobre myself. I'm from Finland where they make that magazine but live now in Australia. I thought that I could buy same sort of magazines in Australia, but haven't found anything like that so far.

  2. I love this outfit - the pants are so awesome. I've been looking for denim like that. Too bad (for me) The Fabric Store is in another country! Across a couple of oceans! Bummer.

    Isn't Ottobre just the most wonderful pattern magazine for kids clothes? Love every issue that I have.

  3. I love those pants! Very inspiring, you make lovely clothes... I'm still just sticking to sewing straight lines, but one day....

  4. They're gorgeous pants and I'm a lover of the Ottobre patterns too. Cute pictures.

  5. I have never heard of this magazine... Never seen it in Tassie. SIgn typical!

    REALLY like this pattern as well. Recon it would be one of the few my boys would actually wear!

    Um I am going to go find this cool awsome sounding mag!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    You can buy the magazine from the Ottobre website. You can purchase either single back issues, or subscribe for the current year, which is what I do.

    It's such a great mag!

  7. Well i did mean it! Can i have a linen pair too please?

  8. Lovely pants, and perfect with a red top... you do seem to get interesting kids' styles (and a good fit imho) from Ottobre and the other European sewing magazines...

  9. The pants look SO cute and fun to wear. I love the details...the pockets are cute...and i love loose fit of the legs.

  10. Love! I'm so glad old issues of Ottobre are still available, might have to treat myself to this one!

  11. Yes! Please re-size the pattern for us grown-ups!

  12. ottobre is my favoritest pattern-mag on the block. these here pants are exactly why. love.

  13. These are too cute! AND I love her shoes. I think I need some just like that for myself. :-)

    I just checked my copy of 2/2005 and I'm SO disappointed that my DD is 2 sizes out of the size range for those pants. I'd never even given them a second glance, much to my regret now.

    I've just finished making up the top #11 as part of a Red Riding Hood costume for her. All parts have come from various issues of Otto. I LOVE that mag.

  14. Thanks for the follow-up info, Leisl. I'll definitely give them a go. I'm nearly finished my current project (all Otto), then have to sew a gift for our new god-daughter (Otto comes in handy again!) but it's looking good for these to join the 'must sew now' list for this Summer.


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