Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink and Black Striped Sweater

Jorth looked at the weather report. The forecast? Cloudy, scattered showers increasing during the day, top of 19. "YES!" she exclaimed, fist pumping the air. "It's a perfect, perfect day for my new sweater!"


I really, really enjoyed knitting this. I always like knitting stripes - something about seeing another one done spurs me on to knit more, which results in a pretty quick knit. It would have been done a heck of a lot quicker but I had to wait three months for a single ball of black yarn to come back in stock. Silly, silly me for not calculating how many balls I would need. I think from now on I'll get that extra ball, just in case!

The only alteration I made to this knit was to knit two rows of pink to each four rows of black above the big fat middle pink stripe. The pattern called for only one row of pink to be knit, but that left me with two choices: loads of pink ends to weave in, if I cut the yarn, or to use an intarsia technique to catch my pink yarn behind the work. Since my intarsia sucks (it's soooooo messy, I just can't get the hang of it) and I dreaded the thought of weaving in those millions of ends, I decided to make life easy for myself and knit two rows of pink. No ends to weave, no intarsia to worry about - why make things hard?

I am very happy with how this turned out. My love affair with crazy bright pink shows no signs of abating! I love the Sonia Rykiel feel to it. Now she's a woman who appreciates a good stripe!

I am tempted - very, very tempted - to make another one of these for next winter, but dress length! This time, though, I make sure I buy plenty of balls of yarn so I don't have to wait until winter is over before I don it. Gah!

Project Details
Pattern: Sweater #26 from Phildar Automne/Hiver magazine no. 374 (released in 2002)
Yarn: 6 x Morris Empire Superwash Merino 8 ply in Noir and 4 x Morris Empire Superwash Merino in Cha Cha Pink
Needles: 3.75mm


  1. Congrats on finally completing it.... it was well worth the wait... really lovely, I love the black and pink combo.

    ( I also love stripes, as you said they knit up so quick )

  2. Now that is totally cool. Pink is becoming a signature colour for you.

  3. Super cute! I love it!

  4. Hooray! Looks luffly my dear.

    (commenting from my spiffy new laptop)

  5. Great stripes - love the way you changed the top section - it's very you. Now I'm going to order those Phildar books I've been putting off - thanks for the post!

  6. I love your style and that you always have something pink.
    very cute

  7. Your tribute to Sonia is great. Lovely work... I guess you cannot wait for next winter to come... or come over to Canada this winter, you'll get to wear it lots and lots ;-) Salutations from autumnal Montreal.

  8. I love your stripey sweater. Oh, I aspire to knit as well as you!

    What color combo will you use for the stripey dress?

  9. No idea Michelle - maybe red and white?

  10. It looks great! You finished it! I started a striped jumper at about the same time as you started this but I am nowhere near done...

  11. wow you made that. how awsome. I wish i had the patience to knit
    x cinti

  12. Well, I'm not a fan of pink but I love the stripes. And that they are a bit random. I'm in England at the moment and knitted dresses seem to be in this winter so maybe next winter they'll be in the shops in Australia. A dress version of this would look cool I think. :)


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