Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If I had a t-shirt this cute, I'd be smiling too!




I must say, old chaps, that I really like this t-shirt! Yes, it is a bit more work than a simple tee. It features sleeve cap gathers,shirring on the lower edge of the sleeves, plus the rolled hems but by jove I think it's worth it.

Although I will be honest here: I wasn't so taken with the whole hand-sew-12-buttons-on thing. The first few buttons were ok. I was thinking to myself "Hey! Buttons are fun! Bring on the buttons!"

Then I got about halfway through, and I began to think "Good gosh! How many more of these darn things are there? Ouch! Needle stab again. Gah! Tell you what, these darn buttons better be going on straight, because I am not unpicking them!"

Then on the last couple of buttons, after band-aiding my bloody finger, I began to look longingly at the fridge, wondering if it was cocktail hour yet, and feeling completely buttoned out.

Still, finally they were done. The Tyger took it, proclaimed her everlasting love for both her new t-shirt and me, and then put it on. And didn't take it off for another three days. That's love, that is.

Project Details
Pattern: 'Rosalind' T-shirt #29 from Ottobre Design Magazine 3/2009
Fabric: 60 cm of yellow cotton knit from GJs Discount Fabrics
Notions: Elastic thread for sleeve shirring, 12 assorted buttons


  1. I would smile too! I wish my daughter still wore t's like this.

  2. That is such a sunny happy tshirt... well worth the effort... and what a reward that she wore it for three days in a row - cute :)
    As for the buttons - I hear ya! I did that for a owlet jumper I knitted for my lil miss, I was over it by the 4th set of 'owl' eyes :)

  3. What about the beautiful top-stitching ... you forgot to mention that!

    It really is too cute!

  4. That's the cutest shirt!

  5. It's all about the t-shirts lately at your place and mine!
    Love that yellow.x

  6. Oh so cute! Way to go sewing on all those buttons.

  7. Great way to use up spare buttons.

  8. Can you explain how you did the neckline please.

  9. what a show stopper! Was only just contemplating embellishing a tee with buttons this very evening - mine will be shop bought though, and totally inferior to your efforts I'm sure

  10. Absolutely adorable! The buttons were worth the time.
    Your photos are beautiful, what kind of camera and model number do you use?

  11. Too cute for words!!! Love every bit of this T - your neckline is "magnifique" - so professionally done. I do love a bit of detail and those buttons are worth the effort - she looks beautiful, as always.

  12. Cute both the T-shirt and the smile :) Can't take my eyes off any of these two.
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