Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ric rac and other things

Ric Rac

Today I have:
 - Popped my ric rac cherry. I can't believe it took me this long to lose my ric rac virginity. Ric rac is fun! More ric rac I say!

 - Cut out another t-shirt for the Tyger. Oh, that reminds me - leave a comment if you want me to do a neckband tutorial.

 - Discovered that the guy I buy my bread from has Alphonsus as his middle name. The weird thing was I actually guessed Alfonso. He, for some reason, thought I was called Melina. Er, not even close buddy! And don't ask why he and I were trying to guess each other's middle names when we should have been focussing on the bread transactions. What can I say - that's just how I roll! (Geddit? Bread roll? Ok, I'll give up before you all start throwing rotten internet tomatoes at me)

 - Finished a skirt for the Tyger (see pic above). Well, when I say finished I actually mean I have done everything except put in the elastic for the waistband, which I can't do until I measure her when she gets home from school.

What I haven't done today:
 - Practiced the piano. My teacher has been away for a month, and I've done scarcely any practice in that time. I am so bad. So, so bad. I can feel the piano gods frowning upon me as I type.


  1. That skirt looks like its going to be very cute, love the ric rac detail :) Oh and hands up for a neckband lesson... anything to increase my sewing skills.... cheers!

  2. The ric rac really pops! I'm in for a neckband lesson too

  3. I'm hoping for a neckband tutorial too. In fact, never doubt putting any tutorial up - fledgling sewists such as myself hang out for any bit of educational info you offer :)

    Love the ricrac, by the way!.

    x Amy

  4. Here's another reader, eager to see the neckband tutorial!

  5. Neckline tute - mais naturellement!!
    Love Tyger's new skirt and I do love a bit of ric rac too.


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