Monday, October 03, 2011

A brand new softie doll

Softie DollRemember when I had that terrible addiction to making Vogue 8184 dresses? Well, I think I'm completely cured - I wrote up a summer sewing list the other day, and there is not one version of that dress featured. Praise be!

The bad new is that I've filled the Vogue 8184 hole by making 60 piggies softie dolls instead. Birthday invitation comes the Tyger's way? Make a softie doll! School fete coming up? Make LOTS of softie dolls! I just can't help it - they are so cute, and gorgeous and cuddly - even if the person making them runs out of polyfill and stuffs the tummy with fabric scraps instead (ahem!)

I'm even thinking of making a Christmassy one, and using it for our angel on top of the tree. How cool will that look? Much better than putting an 8184 dress up there, ha ha! I'd best scoot and get some more polyfill then. Cute as they may be, nobody wants to look at a lumpy angel.

PS: If you'd like to make a softie doll of your own, head on over to 60 70 piggies and make use of her awesome free pattern and tutorial.

PPS I must say I was very proud of the Tyger - right after I took these pictures she wrapped up the doll without a murmur and the next day happily gave it to her friend for her birthday. I was worried for a moment or two that we might have a softie doll hostage situation on our hands, but all was well.


  1. I've made a few of these up - soooo cute and easy. Yours is very cute indeed. I just sewed up another version of 8184 yesterday...definitley not my last.

  2. I cleaned my sewing room yesterday and wondered what i could do with the giant bag of polyfil and the bag or wool filling. Now i know!


  3. Can you have too many softies or V8184's ? I don't think so. What a cutie pie - softie's cute too!

  4. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Thank goodness there wasn't a hostage situation! Such a generous girl she is. And, a very cute softie to boot!

  5. Oh gosh, I'd completely forgotten about this adorable doll! Think I'll have to make one (or two.....) for Christmas presents.

  6. your girl has a huge heart indeed. (i may have a few hostages still residing at our place, come to think of it. yikes.)


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