Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's nothing like the Royal Melbourne Show

Whooooooosh! I cannot get over how quickly the school holidays are flying by. It's been a blur of playdates, catch ups, bike rides and mother-daughter crafting sessions. We are having an absolute blast! But the highlight so far has been spending a fantastic day with some friends at the Royal Melbourne Show.

There were: animals to pet : chickens to cuddle : fairy floss to devour : tea and scones to scarf down at the Country Women's Association pavilion : prize winning preserves and cakes to marvel at : so much gorgeous craft to gaze at and be inspired by : rides that make you go wheeee! : rides that make you go arrrrgggghhhhh! : clowns on stilts : jumping castles : horses trotting by with perfectly attired riders : side show games with enticing stuffed animal prizes : food halls bursting with delicious samples : woodchoppers to show off their strength (and hopefully not chop off their feet - I always get so nervous watching those!)

And at the end of the day there was one very tired but blissfully happy little girl wanting to know if we could do it all again tomorrow.

Royal Melbourne Show #1

Royal Melbourne Show #2

Royal Melbourne Show #3

Royal Melbourne Show #4

Royal Melbourne Show #5

Royal Melbourne Show #6


  1. Oh I hope that you weren't caught up in that wild weather yesterday.

    (A big thank you Leisl. My yarn has arrived safely. So fine. It will be fun to knit something so delicate on the needles...)

  2. Nope, we went on Tuesday. That wild weather was a show of it's own, eh?

  3. It's World Animal Day this Sunday - a great day out for young and old at Edgar's Mission - meet the 400 animals saved and now living happy lives there. Lots of stalls, food, things to do for kiddos big and small.
    just outside Kilmore, Vic.

    And it's be kind to animals week 1 - 7 October.

    Would your little one like to make coats for chickens rescued from battery farms? They are often short of feathers because of the conditions they are kept in.

    Check it out here:

  4. stilts! tea&scones! cuddly chickens! i love your life so much, i think i need to come over and verify that you are not a figment of my imagination. (this is a solid reason for a trip to melbourne, no?)

  5. A fantabulous day! :)

  6. Aw, that baby donkey with the '80s haircut is my favourite thing ever!

  7. I love the red sweater Grumbles is wearing.


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