Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally - a finished pinafore!

Pinafore #3

Pinafore #2

Pinafore #1

Project Details
Pattern: #10 Pinafore Dress from Ottobre Design Magazine 2/2005
Fabric: 80cm light weight denim
Notions: Two buttons from stash, Gutermann topstitching thread

Well, after all the kerfuffle and mistakes, I am glad to say that I am very, very happy with the finished product! And Grumbles loves it. In fact, she's wearing it right now, and I'm pretty sure that when I sprung her in the prep classroom this morning she was showing it to her old and much adored prep teacher. That kid, huh!

I made this pinafore using a much lighter denim (a Bettina Liano remnant from The Fabric Store) which had a nice bit of stretch in it. I also did the bodice facing in a light Japanese cotton left over from this dress, which kept the pinafore light in weight. In the future I shall give great thought to which weight of denim I choose, because it really does make a difference between a successful sewing project or a disaster. Of that I am living proof!

In regards to the sizing, I made up a size 122cm, but didn't add any seam allowances to the side seams. This way I got the length I wanted without it being too wide. It's fine now - nice and roomy, without being huge.

I must say, I rather quite enjoyed doing all the topstitching. There's something so darn satisfying about getting it just right. Is that nerdy? Oh well, I'm happy to be a nerdy seamstress. It was especially fun doing the pockets, and getting them lined up perfectly. Oh dear, I've just sealed my nerdy fate by declaring my delight over pockets. The shame! Just as well you couldn't all see me happily beaming away as I changed the regular thread to the topstitching thread. I can hear you now: "What's she grinning about?" "Er, topstitching. It's a cause for joy, apparently!"

Right! I'm off before I embarrass myself further. Officially I'm off to do some grocery shopping. But maybe I'll actually be gaily rearranging my thread drawer so the topstitching threads are proudly displayed in the front. You'll never know, bwahahah! Have a happy weekend, folks!


  1. Well nerdy or not, the top stitching is perfect. Love it with the stripey tee!

  2. That pinafore is cool.

  3. Oh so cute. Impeccible top stitching.

  4. Oh but topstitching finishes off denim so beautifully!

  5. I am with you on the top-stitching - it is incredibly satisfying to do! Great little pinafore - your little girl seems to love it!

  6. Love it - the top stitching is perfet! I have that Ottobre I must go hunt it out.

  7. those pockets make me swoon. and then momentarily revive so i can re-swoon over that topstitching.

    i aim to one day be a sewing nerd.

  8. Wonderful! Congratulations! Those things happen to me all time but I don't have patience to remake...

  9. What a gorgeous pinafore and yes I love top stitching too. It's the little finishes and details that makes the garment and you've done that. That smile says it all!!!

  10. Anonymous10:05 am

    Wow, this looks so well made and just plain cute especially paired with that tshirt. Grumbles doesn't look so grumbly, so I think you did a good job! :)

  11. Anonymous6:32 pm



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