Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The lament of the red knit pieces

Woven Ends

"Do you suppose it will happen today?", asked the back listlessly. "It's just that I don't want to get my hopes up, you see."

"With any luck!" said the front cheerfully. "I'm sure she'll sit down immediately after lunch and start seaming us right away. We'll be a finished red wool dress for Grumbles in no time!"

"That's what you said yesterday, and the day before", grizzled the collar. "Yet here we lie, heaped together in a bag, still stuck in the cupboard. I don't believe she'll ever get around to it."

"Hush now!" said the front. "She was very busy yesterday - she had the shopping to do, and all the washing that piled up from the weekend, and had to run to school to give Grumbles her lunchbox, which had been left on the bench, popped in to see her friend with the twins and then they had the student-led conference in the afternoon. She can't do it all, you know"

"Well...", piped up a sleeve bravely, "she'd best get us done soon. It's meant to be cold this week, and I'd love to be worn by Grumbles in time for the weekend. Imagine if she doesn't get us done at all, and we lie here in pieces until next winter. Oh, the horror!"

"Hear, hear!" roared the temperamental collar. "I want to be serving my purpose, which is to keep a young neck warm! What's the good of being 46cm of ribbing if you're not snugly wrapped around something?"

That appeared to be a question with no good answer. Pondering it all silently the pieces huddled closer together in the bag, and hoped as hard as their stitches would let them that they would be seamed together soon.


  1. Geeze, watch out. There is a revolt of knitting pieces a'comin'

    Please sew them together before it gets nasty.

  2. You make me giggle. I wish I could write such a great post about not doing something!!!

  3. You write really well! I'm interested in knitting and sewing but I come here daily just to read your blog posts since they're so well written. :-)

  4. 'tis gorgey already, can't wait to see the whole cheery shebang!

    ps tas makes me giggly. send out an sos if you need back-up.


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